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Moving ahead with Dish

On Monday, Dish and I finally hooked up to upgrade my MPEG-2 receiver (Dish 811) to an MPEG-4 receiver (Dish 211). They also replaced my Dish 500 dish with a Dish 1000 that sees the 110, 119 and 129 satellites.

I upgraded my programming package from the 5-channel HD legacy pack to 44 channels of Dish Absolute (not including pay-per-view or premiums) goodness. If I cared, one of the five PPV channels is now 1080p and with the software update my black Dish 211 receiver could get it.

Here’s the new channel lineup…

105 USA HD (9431)
108 Lifetime HD (9470)
109 Lifetime Movie Network HD (9471)
110 Food Network HD (9462)
112 HGTV HD (9461)
119 bio. HD (9443)
120 The History Channel HD (9491)
122 Sci-Fi HD (9432)
129 Bravo HD (9492)
138 TNT HD (9420)
139 TBS HD (9499)
140 ESPN HD (9424)
142 ESPNews HD (9494)
144 ESPN2 HD (9425)
152 CBS College Sports HD (9495)
154 NFL Network HD (9426)
172 The Disney Channel HD (9433)
174 Toon Disney HD Jetix HD (9449)
176 Cartoon Network HD (9463)
180 ABC Family HD (9434)
182 Discovery Channel HD (9487)
183 TLC HD (9488)
184 Animal Planet HD (9489)
186 National Geographic Channel HD (9429)
187 Hallmark Movie Channel HD (9444)
193 The Science Channel HD (9490)
194 Planet Green HD (9457)
200 CNN HD (9436)
208 CNBC HD (9439)
214 The Weather Channel HD (9438)
215 The Travel Channel HD (9437)
239 WGN America HD (9446)
362 HDNet (9422)
364 Discovery HD Theater (9421)
364 HDNet Movies (9423)
366 Universal HD (9427)
369 MHD (9469)
374 Smithsonion Channel HD
385 MGM HD
394 World Fishing Network HD
398 Golf/Versus HD (9468)
400 The Tennis Channel HD (9442)
402 NBA TV HD (9508)
403 NHL HD (9540)

In addition, I presume these two channels will offer Olympics coverage in addition to NBC, CNBC and Universal.

367 OLMPS (098-00)
365 OLMPB (099-00)

The numbers on the left are the same as the SD versions of these channels and show up twice in the all-HD guide. The numbers in parentheses are the ones previously reserved for HD programming, but as you see there are a few channels that don’t have 9000 numbers.

There was a stink over whether my installer could offer me this package since it was post-August 1, but eventually they got it worked out. My bill should be about $32, including sales tax, an increase of $14 over what I was paying for just five HD channels. It took three missed appointments, but the installers did a good job on the fourth go around.

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  1. Posted August 7, 2008 at 9:07 am | Permalink

    My parents, south of Cushing, finally got hooked up to Dish Network’s HD service last Friday afternoon (1 August 2008) after TWO missed appointments (third time was the charm, I guess).

    Like you, the installer guy out of OKC put up a wider dish (replacement for my folks’ previous round dish) and pointed it at the 110, 119 and 129 satellite positions. So far, they are happy with it. For the first time, my folks now have a DVR. I’ve told them they’ll get spoiled by it quickly; haven’t checked with them on that point, yet, though.

    The guy who came out and did the install last Friday was very knowledgeable and very nice but, geez, what is the deal with Dish Network installers missing appointments???

    My younger sister had THREE missed Dish Network installer appointments, with the installer finally making it to her place north of Cushing on the fourth time. You had your own three missed appointments. My folks had two missed appointments. What the heck is the deal?

    Does the same thing happen with Direct TV? After my folks’ second missed appointment, and knowing what their daughter (my sister) had gone through, we started thinking of changing to Direct TV but didn’t know if we’d have the same problem with that company’s installers.

  2. Posted August 7, 2008 at 11:00 am | Permalink

    I would imagine we had the same guys, a father and son team.

    The first cancellation I was told that their installer had called in sick. The second time I was called and told that the two installers had been in a car wreck. The third time, they just didn’t show up and I never heard why.

    I chose not to get the DVR because I can already record OTA broadcasts and barely have time to watch those. Plus, cash is tight at the moment so upping my bill by $14 was maximum I was willing to commit to.


  3. doublej
    Posted August 7, 2008 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    The 1080p is only available to the vip hd dvr’s at the moment.

  4. Posted August 7, 2008 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

    It’ll only be important when I get a 1080p TV. 😉


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