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Tulsa DTV Stations Out of Date

On April 13, 2011, Stephen Balch wrote:

The station information for DTV Stations Tulsa, OK is way out of date. For instance, WB and UPN no longer even exist. How complicated can it be to update the station information for Tulsa once a year or so? Here is some information to get you stared.

Tulsa DTV (Those I can currently receive (almost)!)

Network   Station    DTV(RF)    Channel        Other Sub channels
NBC       KJRH-DT     8         2.1(KJRH)       2.2(KJRH-SD, Weather)
CBS       KOTV-DT     45        6.1(KOTV-HD)    6.2(KOTV-CW)    6.3(Newson6)
ABC       KTUL-DT     10        8.1(KTUL-HD)    8.2(KTUL-WX, Weather)    8.3(RTV Net)
PBS       KOED-DT     11        11.1(KOEDDT1)   11.2(KOEDDT2, OKLA)
RelFrk    KDOR-D1     17        17.1(KDOR-D1)   17.2(KDOR-D2)    17.3(KDOR-D)    17.4(KDOR-D4)    17.5(KDOR-D5)
CW        KQCW HD     20        19.1(KQCD HD)   19.2(ThisTV)
FOX       KOKI-DT     22        23.1(KOKIDT)    22.4(?, "KOKI DT 23.2")
RSU       KRSC        36        35.1(KRSC-SD)   35.2(KRSC-HD)
RelFrk    K40KC-D     40        40.1(K40KC-D)   40.2(3ABN-PR)    40.3(3ABN-ES)    40.4(3ABN-RD, Audio Only)
MyTV      KMYT        42        41.1(KMYTDT)    41.2(KMYTDT)
ION       KTPX-DT     28        44.1(ION)       44.2(qubo)    44.3(IONLife)
RelFrk    KWHB        47        47.1(KWHB-DT)   47.2(KWHB-D2)
RelFrk    KXAP        51        51.1(KXAP-ID)    ---
RelFrk    KGEB        49        53.1(KGEB-DT)    ---

RSU (KRSC) is Rogers State University, Claremore, OK, another PBS-like channel with a lot of Canadian (CBC) and BBC programming.


RelFrk = Religious Freaks/SCAM Artists networks

Reception depends VERY MUCH on the current weather! ABC, KTUL-DT, 10/8.1 is poor most of the time and always has been. RSU, KRSC, 36/35.1(KRSC-SD)/35.2(KRSC-HD) fades in and out but is especially bad in wet weather. I have blocked the RelFrk/SCAM Artists channels so I don’t care how poor their reception is.

Thanks to Stephen for the update. Kevin and I have never really had anyone in Tulsa to confirm station changes. We’ll try to get the information from Tulsa updated soon…

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  1. Newshawk
    Posted June 13, 2011 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    While Dennis has a right to his opinion on religious stations, I wish he would refrain from using such a derogatory term on a public forum in a list that is ostensibly meant to be a permanent addition. I hope the list is not used whole but is “cleaned up” so as to be less prejudicial.

  2. Posted June 13, 2011 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    I’m not sure where I said what I said, but I meant no offense. Actually, that was in the e-mail that I received and I didn’t notice it. Again, no offense was intended…


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