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Yet another end in sight…

The Tulsa World is reporting that Cox will soon require customers to use boxes for cable. That means you will no longer be able to plug your ancient analog TV directly into the wall:

Instead, subscribers into Cox

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End of an era…

KWTV’s tower finally came down yesterday: KWTV To Take Down Historic Broadcast Tower

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Test out social to link site with Twitter, Facebook

I bet you guys thought this site was dead. I actually planning to refocus it cord cutting since I cancelled my satellite a year ago and have been surviving with Hulu Plus and other services on my Apple TV.

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Go ahead, make my day…

Interesting article in the New York Times about how FOX and Univision are considering leaving the public airwaves over their loss in the Aereo lawsuit.

For those of you not keeping up, Aereo is a company backed by Barry Diller that streams over-the-air broadcasts for a fee to New Yorkers. It allows subscribers to view live broadcasts and record them for later viewing. Doesn’t sound that much different than TiVo other than they are streaming over the internet instead of using a cable or satellite system or OTA antenna.

It’s been nearly six months since I discontinued my Dish service and I have no complaints. I still don’t have time to watch all the programming that’s available to me and my bill has gone from $55/month to $15.98/month ($7.99/month each for Netflix and Hulu Plus). I actually rent a few new releases now and then from my local video store and from iTunes. I probably spend less than half what I used to spend on Satellite even with those expenditures. I miss sports a little, but I go out and mingle with actual human beings when there’s an OSU or Thunder game that I absolutely must see.

If FOX went off the air, I could still get The Following and Touch off of Hulu Plus and I don’t watch Univision; same with the other broadcast networks. I’m already trying to wean myself off all the cop shows on CBS in favor of having access to a large chunk of foreign and silent films on Hulu Plus. It’s sort of like the New York Times thinking my life is incomplete because I’m not giving them $35/month; my life is pretty complete as it is and I can always read a book. I have options.

Sure, I might miss the local storms coverage, but I seem to recall that there are at least half a dozen tornado apps available for my iPhone and I’m not sure the local FOX affiliate has a meteorologist on staff. So go ahead, make my day: release that broadcast spectrum back to the government so that it can be auctioned off, potentially providing better wireless internet and helping to reduce the deficit.

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Drama Ends, Sequester Averted

No, not the federal budget, but Sinclair being locked out of DirecTV. This is posted on the KOKH website:

Attention DirecTV Customers: Sinclair is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with DirecTV on a new retransmission consent agreement and has entered into a short-term extension of its existing agreement in order to allow the parties to enter into a formal agreement. As a result, DirecTV will continue to carry all of our stations. We thank our viewers for their patience and support during these negotiations.

Those of us who no longer have satellite or cable, didn’t notice any difference.

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Cutting the Cord

Today I officially became a cord cutter by calling Dish Network and canceling service after 15 years. That includes about a dozen years of HD service starting with just HBO in 2000 and continuing until I was receiving 60 channels for about $30/month.

For the past year or so, I’ve spending about $55/month for less time spent watching traditional TV and much more time watching TV over the internet using my Apple TVs. That, plus the 29 channels I get via an over the air antenna, makes it a pretty easy choice that I should have made sooner.

My service won’t officially be turned off until my current billing runs out on October 25th, but I’m looking forward to spending a little time catching on the real world and will updating my experiences here…

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Dish Network Carrying OSU-Arizona Game

Dish Network has stepped up to carry the Pac-12 Network which will have the OSU at Arizona game at 9:30 p.m. CDT on Sept. 8, 2012. It’s not clear if they’ll have the game in HD.

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KOCB-DT to Carry Big 12 Tournament in HD

Fox25Eng writes:

As of early this morning, we made the switch over to the new Master Control room and KOKH and KOCB are now HD. We do plan on carrying the Big 12 Tourney in HD.

Don’t know what this means for news and other programming from these local siblings, but this is great news for those of us who are basketball fans.

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Channels 34’s lame Big 12 Coverage

Earlier this year I noticed KOCB carrying an OU basketball game in HD and I was encouraged that they might have purchased the equipment to carry the Big 12 Network package in HD. Apparently, that is not the case and it’s actually worse than last year when the picture quality of the 4×3 SD images was just terrible. This year, at least for this game, they’re taking the HD feed from ESPN and converting it to standard definition so that the picture is window boxed with black bars on all four sides.

I hope this is just a one-time glitch, but if not, then I’m not sure why they wasted their money buying the rights for these games.

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Jeopardy in HD on KFOR-DT

Not being much of a Jeopardy fan, I didn’t notice that it is now being broadcast in HD at 3:30 p.m. weekdays on KFOR-DT

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KTUL news goes HD

doublej reported over the weekend:

KTUL finally made the switch this morning to HD for their news and studio programming. Looks like the field reporters are still using SD equipment.

How many stations does that make in Tulsa that now do news in HD?

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Matt’s post last night in the forums prompted me to give this site a little long overdue love. While I’m sure he was probably just ranting, I appreciate his sentiments and wanted them to be seen.

Read More »

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Which ATT U-verse LCD TV pkg has Fashion TV?

On March 21, 2011, Richard Ruffin wrote:

Which ATT U-verse LCD TV pkg has Fashion TV?
I need that channel on yhe u-Verse service

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Tulsa DTV Stations Out of Date

On April 13, 2011, Stephen Balch wrote:

The station information for DTV Stations Tulsa, OK is way out of date. For instance, WB and UPN no longer even exist. How complicated can it be to update the station information for Tulsa once a year or so? Here is some information to get you stared.

Tulsa DTV (Those I can currently receive (almost)!)

Network   Station    DTV(RF)    Channel        Other Sub channels
NBC       KJRH-DT     8         2.1(KJRH)       2.2(KJRH-SD, Weather)
CBS       KOTV-DT     45        6.1(KOTV-HD)    6.2(KOTV-CW)    6.3(Newson6)
ABC       KTUL-DT     10        8.1(KTUL-HD)    8.2(KTUL-WX, Weather)    8.3(RTV Net)
PBS       KOED-DT     11        11.1(KOEDDT1)   11.2(KOEDDT2, OKLA)
RelFrk    KDOR-D1     17        17.1(KDOR-D1)   17.2(KDOR-D2)    17.3(KDOR-D)    17.4(KDOR-D4)    17.5(KDOR-D5)
CW        KQCW HD     20        19.1(KQCD HD)   19.2(ThisTV)
FOX       KOKI-DT     22        23.1(KOKIDT)    22.4(?, "KOKI DT 23.2")
RSU       KRSC        36        35.1(KRSC-SD)   35.2(KRSC-HD)
RelFrk    K40KC-D     40        40.1(K40KC-D)   40.2(3ABN-PR)    40.3(3ABN-ES)    40.4(3ABN-RD, Audio Only)
MyTV      KMYT        42        41.1(KMYTDT)    41.2(KMYTDT)
ION       KTPX-DT     28        44.1(ION)       44.2(qubo)    44.3(IONLife)
RelFrk    KWHB        47        47.1(KWHB-DT)   47.2(KWHB-D2)
RelFrk    KXAP        51        51.1(KXAP-ID)    ---
RelFrk    KGEB        49        53.1(KGEB-DT)    ---

RSU (KRSC) is Rogers State University, Claremore, OK, another PBS-like channel with a lot of Canadian (CBC) and BBC programming.


RelFrk = Religious Freaks/SCAM Artists networks

Reception depends VERY MUCH on the current weather! ABC, KTUL-DT, 10/8.1 is poor most of the time and always has been. RSU, KRSC, 36/35.1(KRSC-SD)/35.2(KRSC-HD) fades in and out but is especially bad in wet weather. I have blocked the RelFrk/SCAM Artists channels so I don’t care how poor their reception is.

Thanks to Stephen for the update. Kevin and I have never really had anyone in Tulsa to confirm station changes. We’ll try to get the information from Tulsa updated soon…

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Cox Distributing Whole Home DVR

On March 23, 2011, Jay Newton Wrote:

Cox is distributing the Whole Home DVR in OKC now. It costs an extra $5.95 a month with a $80 install fee. The wait right now is 1 month. They won’t allow self-installs. Link follows.

I believe that Dish and DirecTV both offer similar functionality in their offerings.

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