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Site Notes

In the next few days, I’ll be upgrading the site to the latest versions of everything.

As part of this process, I’ll be taking down the broken forums for a while until I can get a replacement in place.There will probably be a little down time and I make take this opportunity to rethink some policies we’ve had in place for the last few years.

If you have any changes you’d like to see, this would be the place to add them to the comments.I’ll post another message when it’s done.


P/S If you’d rather not see any changes, then find me some paying work so I don’t have time to do anything with the site… 🙂

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    All-Digital Connections

    DISH Network and DirecTV Satellite Retailer

    Contact: Justin Walker

    All-Digital Connections
    2320 W. 3rd St.
    Elk City, OK 73644

    580-243-2593 local
    806-398-9000 fax
    877-500-DISH toll free


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