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Weather overlay on KFOR 4 in OKC in HD!

I thought I saw this one day last week on KFOR channel 4 in OKC, but wasn’t certain.

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Bargains on Used UHF Transmitters?

Here is an idle curiosity type of question: As I understand it, right now a station such as KFOR in OKC (for example) is broadcasting analog signals on VHF channel 4 and digital signals on UHF channel 27. After that station makes the digital switchover next week, it will then start broadcasting digital signals on […]

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New HD Basic Channels – Suddenlink in Stillwater

I stumbled across a legal notice in the Stillwater NewsPress a few days ago that said Stilllwater Suddenlink subscribers would soon be getting 3 more HD channels in the HD Basic Tier: TLC, Discovery, and Animal Planet. I’ve forgotten the exact date but I’m pretty sure this change takes effect on 4 March 2009. Cool. […]

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Question for Cox HD Users

I would like to get input from those who have been using Cox for HD service in the metro areas of Oklahoma. I ask because Cox HD service is coming to Stillwater (and several other smaller cities in OK) soon and I would like to read about your experiences.

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Where is the HD coverage of the actual Olympic competition?

Am I the only one annoyed about this? I went to some trouble to get a high def TV installed in the master bedroom with an OTA signal fed to it so I could watch KFOR in OKC and see the actual athletic events (diving, swimming, gymnastics, etc.) in high def–not watch the opening ceremonies […]

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Questions About DTV Station Matrix

Update from HiDefSooner 8/3/2004: KOCO’s answers are in blue. Orginally Posted 7/26/2004: In looking at the DTV station matrix on this web site, I find some things that confuse me.

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Good/Reliable Signal Strength Meters?

Can anyone recommend an affordable and–most of all–reliable signal strength meter that is easy to use?

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A Question About Signal Strength Meters

I’ve come to the conclusion that signal strength indications from my Dish receiver are rather suspect and I’m wondering if that’s true only for my receiver or if everyone else experiences the same sort of thing.

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Is KSBI 52 (digital) in OKC Off Air

I’ve been trying for a while this morning to tune in the digital stations of KSBI, specifically 52-02, here in Stillwater and am not getting anything at all on either of my high def TVs.

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How Much Signal Lost with Attic Mount and/or Splitter?

Does anyone have any reliable info (or can someone point me to a web site with some reliable info) on how much loss of over-the-air (OTA) signal one may expect when mounting a UHF/VHF antenna inside the attic of a house as opposed to the same antenna on top of a pole outside the house?

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OKC station broadcast power

(I’m picking up on a theme from an existing thread, except this is focused on all Oklahoma City stations, not just KFOR.)

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Missouri at Kansas Basketball on ESPNHD?

I’ve been checking in periodically with the Missouri at Kansas basketball game tonight on ESPNHD. It sure doesn’t look like a high definition telecast to me. It looks like standard definition. Anyone know if that game was supposed to be high def? It doesn’t appear to be HD. Given that the Kansas at OSU game […]

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?? for board administrator

I’ve been on this board fairly regularly for more than a year, now. I really like it and genuinely appreciate the info one can glean from it. However, one small thing puzzles and annoys me: My edits never seem to “take” when I go back to edit a posting I’ve made.

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Why the Fluctuation in Signal Strength?

I, like almost anyone else who uses an over-the-air (OTA) antenna, often see noticeable fluctuations in signal strength for the area TV stations.

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Antenna & Signal Amplifier Question

I have two antennae in the attic of my two-story home in southwest Stillwater, one points SSW toward OKC and one points E toward Tulsa.

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