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Cox HD DVR Audio Problems – And Cox Doesn’t Do Anything

I live in Norman and have Oklahoma City Cox service. I have the HD DVR package (the Scientific Atlanta box). I run the audio straight from the cable box to my audio reciever. I have had this setup for about a year now. Ever since we first ordered the Cox service, we have had problems […]

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Dish Network Rebate / Upgrade starts this Saturday – April 1st.

This morning I discovered that DISH has at long last added National Geographic Channel HD as well as HGTV HD (home and garden), NFL HD and Starz HD

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New Cox HD Channels

Well, they may be finally here. They are currently all in SD and I can only speculate at what their plans are, but it is 1AM. Check channels 800-820 and see what you find: 803 – test1 – NBC 810 – test3 – KWTV 811 – test4 – WB 814 – test6 – OETA 816 […]

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Cox OKC and Fox update

Just as a update…if anyone has Cox for HD service, they continue to maintain that they will not be carrying Fox HD in OKC… I asked in reference to both the World Series and the BCS games in college football this winter. I keep bugging them mainly because my TV doesn’t have an HD tuner, […]

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More problems with KFOR

I almost hate to submit this, because I know what it will have turned into by this time tomorrow, but, hoping against hope, here it is: None of the four episodes of The Office that NBC ran this evening were in HD, thanks to KFOR showing them in SD. And as of this writing, ER […]

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Video Game LCD Question

Does anyone hook there PS2 into an LCD with component cables? I just picked up a Samsung 26 in LCD HDTV and hooked it to my PS2 with component cables. For some reason when I play my games on it I get a 1 inch black bar all the way up the left side and […]

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Are any Oklahoma City channels thinking of using TitanCast for streaming programming over the internet? I don’t know if this technology is feasible for High Definition, but if it is this could be the answer for some HD programming for us out in the DEEP Fringe of the state (151 miles from OKC towers and […]

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Connection problem HELP

Got my new SXRD and it is fantastic. Tried to connect a new Toshiba DVD via HDMI and can’t get it to display. The HDMI cable is good. I have two and switched them and everything works. The power cord is in. The DVD player is on and shows loaded. No display on Video 7 […]

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OKC First to Worst

Last fall, 2005, KFOR OKC NBC was to strongest HD station at my house just south of Norman. Saturday, try as I might, I couldn’t watch the Derby because of frequent and huge signal dropouts. At race time, KWTV CBS was in the high 90s and did not suffer from those same massive dropouts. KWTV […]

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Cebridge buying cox in muskogee?

I thought this was supposed to happen already. Does anyone have info on this.

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It\’s now official…..the WB will become CW

“We’re very pleased to add our stations in these markets to The CW’s affiliate family,” said David Smith, President and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group, in a statement. With KOCB the #1 ranked WB affiliate. That gives us an outstanding launching pad for The CW in these markets.” So there you have it. Steve KOKH/KOCB

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A Thunderstorm warning NE of Tulsa, moving SE, away from the OKC viewing area. NO HD for The West Wing. Thanks for nothing Channel 4.

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H20 issues with local in local (HD) ..coming soon to you

Just posting info to those in OKC market on problems with H20 local channel HD content.

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KWTV Problems Thursday 4/27 ??

Anybody else have problems with KWTV-9 Thursday night? Tivo’d CSI and consistent dropouts throughout the show. Checked signal and was bouncing all over from low 70’s to low 90’s. Nothing has changed on my end. Was getting solid mid to low 90’s as recently as Tuesday night…

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News 9 HD Tornado Coverage

I saw a promo for the weather team on KWTV last night that stated News 9 brought us the first tornado broadcast in HD in Oklahoma. I wasn’t here but when the chopper was in the air Monday night filming the storm did KWTV really broadcast the video in HD?

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