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KOCB Full Power

We are currently up to 1/2 power, about 500,000 watts output. We ahould be up to full power by tomorrow barring any unforeseen problems. Enjoy! Steve KOKH/KOCB Update from HiDefSooner: KOCB-DT is now running at full power. I hope everyone enjoys Smallville and Supernatural tonight.

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When does Best Buy expect the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players?

Here is when Best Buy expects the Toshiba and Sony HD players and discs to arrive, according to their web site:

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Question about HD-DVD Players

I just discovered that the new HD DVD players from Toshiba – and I assume all the others — will out put HD through HDMI out put only. Having no desire to replace the tv that has no such input and wanting to buy a HD DVD player is there a way to convert for […]

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News-posting Format Question

I’m just wondering if there are any plans to go to a more-traditional message board format here. The way it’s set up now is nice, because it allows for current topics to always be at the top of the front page, but that also means that there are a lot of reoccuring topics about things […]

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KJRH No new Earl

KJRH will be replaying 2 shows from the 6th that where interrupted due to weather. The 7:30pm My Name is Earl will air at 2:35am tonight..(going into Saturday) The 7:00pm Will & Grace will air at 3:05am tonight.(going into Saturday) There however will be no repeat of the new My Name is Earl from 8pm […]

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KOCB DT Full Power

KOCB DT will be down most of the day Monday as we install the tubes to bring the transmitter up to full power and do our testing. Steve KOKH/KOCB

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Using a Broadband Drop Amplifier to Improve OTA HD signal

I have heard that you can connect a UHF/VHF antenna to the input of a broadband drop amplifier (ie, Motorola BDA-100S1) and it will improve the signal strength of an OTA HD signal? Is this correct or will it just magnify the noise? Somebody please set me straight. Thanks!

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NO/OKC Hornets in HD?

The NO/OKC Hornets and the Ford Center in HD this Friday? Is it true??? Cisco Update from HiDefSooner: The game should air tonight on ESPNHD. No blackouts.

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when is cebridge buying cox

and what will this mean for the future of hd programming in small markets ie muskogee, wagoner.

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KOKH Drop Outs

I recorded “24” on the HD DVR tonight and was getting major pixelation. This is the first time I’ve had problems on KOKH with OTA. Did anyone else notice a signal drop tonight.

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Grey\’s Anatomy in Tulsa

My Grey’s Anatomy tonight looks like we get every other frame or something. Is anyone else experiencing this? It looks like a strange strobe lighted version.

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DirecTV Mega March Madness Subscribers

Trying to do some trouble shooting. I ordered Mega March Madness this year and on the out of Market HD Channels 709 and 710 I had amazing game surround but very faint if any announcing coming out of any of my channels. Even turning the center channel up didn’t help. Is this a DirecTV problem […]

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I recently contacted Channel 6 in Tulsa regarding 5.1 and I am almost too embarrassed to tell you what they shared with me. First of all, I have to figure that the majority of us that are watching TV in HD have some sort of home theater setup to take full advantage of the HD […]

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NCAA Multicast

A friend of mine pointed this out to me… It shows just how weak the Oklahoma stations and Griffin are. This station in Phoeniz (KPHO) is actually doing something in the interest of the viewers. I am sure this is reflected to the sponsors, and is a win-win situation. KOTV/KWTV and COX AGAIN sure missed […]

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Why no HD for the NCAA Tournament

Why are none of the games on Channel 9-1 in OKC being broadcast in HD?

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