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Another Poll Question

How many here are interested or would be interested in More information about The advantages of Big Dish C Band and 4 DTV and C Band HD?

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Why does the weather always putter out for us like it is doing today? We were in the severe weather area earlier this morning and i was all excited about it and now looking at the latest data it has been moved more northwest 🙁 I wish we could get some good storms in here […]

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Poll Question

What does everyone think about adding a Breakroom section to this site for general Chit Chat or off topic discussions? What about a Non HD realated Tv Section? What about a section to discuss TV Shows? Soaps,Old Tv Shows Etc…. What about a section devoted to C-band and 4 DTV Receivers and FTA receivers?

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What does everyone think

What does everyone think of the new 7 day forecast on channel 4? The 7 day plus 4 more. I think this is really a neat idea they had of extending the 7 day forecast past 7 days.

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Annoying Buzz On Channel 4

Does anyone know why Kfor Channel 4 on the Analog signal there is an annoying buzz here lately? It is as if something isnt quite tuned in at there station as it has just started happening around last week or so is when i started noticeing it. The Digital signal if perfect but my wife […]

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New Channels Found

Hello, I have a Voom receiver and did a channel scan Tuesday evening and found 3 new channels. I picked up a new KTBO channel called smile on 14.5, and i picked up Spanish channel KTUZ on 30.1, and i Finally was able to pick up WB on channel 34 i forget the station call […]

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KOCB-DT Channel 33

Is Kocb Analog channel 34 Digital Channel 33 is this channel at full power yet? I am not able to receive it on my receiver. I have a Voom receiver and the person i got it from lived in South Carolina and there was already a channel mapped in from there on channel 33 is […]

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How Would you Combine the Signals from 2 Antennas ?

I have a question I am considering putting up a second antenna to pick up stations to my south I live in Moore and was wanting to try and pick up the Lawton Stations as well as Ardmore and Ada. How would I go about taking the signals from both antenna wires and combining them […]

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Is there a problem with KSBI\’s Signal ?

I was just wondering if anyone else is not receiving KSBI DT channels 52.1 and 52.2, I was getting these about a week ago and now i get the message channel not found. when i checked the RF signal for KSBI it shows it at below 50% and i was getting a signal well into […]

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Had a Question

Is it Possible to pull in distant station in digital I am interested in getting stations to my south I live in Moore, and was wondering if anyone else in the okc metro are is able to get KTEN out of Ada or Not sure what the Station is called but it is Analog Channel […]

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KAUT Channel 43 OKC

Does anyone know of the timeline or plans For KAUT channel 43 okc has on going digital? I am installing a digital receiver this week and will miss some of the shows on this channel untill they are available in digital too much trouble to switch cables between the digital receiver and tv to watch […]

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What digital OKC stations are out there

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly what all the differnt digital channels are out there that are multicasting? as an example what is PBS showing on there 4 digital channels, what does 4,5,9,25,34,43,Pax,TBN,KSBI offer on there multicast channels? I have bought a working Voom receiver to receive Digital Locals in OKC, […]

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