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Station Numbers after the conversion…

So now we have a “firm” shutoff date for the analog stations, something like 2027. Are Stations going to keep their analog numbers, switch to the digital number, or will the digital freq change back to the analog? For example: KFOR in OKC, is “4”, K4, we’ll keep you 4-Warned; K27 and we’ll keep you […]

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USDTV coming to OKC?

Since people here are in the know, and [some]stations watch this site, anyone know if USDTV is comming to OKC? Looks like they started in Las Vegas & Salt Lake, moved to Albq. & DFW now. Looks good, $20/mo for a handful of channels, mostly only channels I watch anyway so perfect for me (can’t […]

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Anyone else in OKC have windows MCE w/HDTV?

I’m trying to determind if it’s my MCE software or the new HDTV card that is having difficulty tuning WB & Fox. All other channels tune fine with MCE. Yet all channels including WB & Fox tune with the included standalone TV tuner app for the HD card. Before I go tearing my hair out […]

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Hornets local Tv schedule, any HD?

Is there a local TV OTA airing of the Hornets? Any planned in HD?

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PBS HD Schedule?

I know it was disscussed a while back, but is there a relable source of OTA Digital guide for PBS? It’s never the same as 13, which is what all the online guides show (Titan, Microsoft MCE, etc) The PBS link I followed from the home page here doesn’t seem to list any digital info. […]

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I don’t have alot of details, but have read on here about the future of VOOM. Well seeing their booth at CES they were talking about Rainbow 1 & 2, demonstrating ther “soon” to be launched DVR (March) a 250GB HD, about 50 hrs HD or 300 hrs SD recording. They also mentioned their capacity […]

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US Digital HDTV Box at Wal-Mart

Not paying close attention to the sub $200 set-top box I saw at wally world the other day, I was more interested in it after seeing it mentioned on another message board.

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Sooners and HDNet?

Watching todays game (vs Oregon) The Camera panned across another cameraman, wearing a HDNet t-shirt. Was he just wearing a shirt, or will this games, or atleast parts of it, be on HDNet? BTW I don’t get HDNet, I only have OTA.

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HD Camcorders

Anyone here splurge for one yet? If so what did you get, do you like it? Googling for JVC JY-HD10U turns up around $2k prices at 2 stores, about 1/2 msrp, and was curious if anyone may have delt with either of these sites before: Epperson wants $3k for the same thing. Or […]

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KOKH/KOCB on air times?

When are 24 & 33 “lit up” and active? 24hrs, certain times of the day? Trying to adjust my antenna to see if there’s anyway of getting these stations before they go full power and can get about 8 on the STB signal meter.

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I wanted to plug a relatives site that has a new HDTV Set top receiver. It was shown at the 2004 CES show by Digital Stream. In comparing I currently own a Samsung 151, and for basics, they are very similar (as far as inputs/outputs).

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Sugar Bowl?

Any know if the Sugar Bowl will be HD? Can’t find any info on ABC, ESPN, etc sites. It’s the least they could do for dumping the ESPN game eariler this year! Note from HiDefSooner: ABC has not announced whether the Sugar Bowl will be in HD.

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The Tonight Show Audio

I got to come home early lastnight and watched TTS, looked gread, sounded good until comercial time, when I felt like that old BASF commercial wher the guys face looks like a dog out the window doin’ 55! Whats up with the local comercials being that much louder than everything else?! Is it always that […]

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Kenny Chesnney Concert After thoughts

I e-mailed CMT, but no reply (suprise). BUT I’ve been thinking, it was shot in HD, and for example Shania’s going to be on NBC I think next Tue with a concert. So even tho CMT is not HD yet, maybe a network will pick up his HD content as a summer filler!

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CMT\’s Kenney Chensey concert ?

I was flipping channels and saw a blurp that this concert on Fri night was shot in HD. Question is how would one watch it in HD? As far as I know the only HD Channels out there anywhere are: HBO, SHO, Discovery, ESPN, PBS and locals (where available) Just curious. I’ll be working […]

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