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KAUT-DT On the Air!

I got home today and tuned my receiver to 40 and up popped 43-1 with a very strong signal. Anyone else picking it up? I was driving by the digital tower at 122nd and Eastern yesterday afternoon and noticed some activity on the tower, just a coincidence? Digital Guy. Update From HiDefSooner: KAUT-DT is now […]

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Technical question.

What do the local stations who have to manually switch to HD not have in their control room to allow automatic switching? For example, some channels seem to automatically switch to local commercials during HD shows, while some only rebroadcast the network commercial (commercials are different than what is on the analog side of same […]

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Pixel Issue on KOCO-DT 5.1

I have noticed a very unusual issue on KOCO’s digital channel 5.1 in Oklahoma City. I have a Samsung OTA receiver connected to a Samsung 30′ tube TV using DVI. About 7 inches from the left side of the screen and about 1.5 inches down there is a small group of pixels flashing different from […]

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OTA receiver reboots on one channel

I experienced a new problem this evening. I was channel surfing here in OKC using my OTA Samsung receiver. While passing 14-1, 14-2, 14-3, and 14-4 (15) my receiver would constantly reboot until I could get the channel changed. I was able to duplicate the problem only on this channel. All other signals work great […]

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Over The Air Reception of Date and Time

I have noticed that when I watch different local channels over the air here in Oklahoma City, the date and time is not always correct. Here is a list of the time difference by channel that I noticed using a Samsung OTA receiver.

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