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Problem with the Votes.

Every month when you come out with something new to vote on and I try to vote it says I already have. I havent even seen it yet how can I have already voted? Is someone else voteing for me? This has happened the last three months.

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I just wanted to let ya all know that I went down the other day and picked up one of the SA8000 DVR from Cox for our bedroom. Just thought I would say I love it!!! Anyway back to the point the lady at the desk (and this is the office on Kelly in Edmond) […]

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I had called Cox today to have them add on INHD1 and 2 and asked them if they knew when CBS would be added. They said they had an email and it would be the 23rd. Note from HiDefSooner: I haven’t confirmed this with KWTV but I will ask them.

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Cox HD rentals again….

Sorry to bring this topic up again but good grief. I just got off the phone with Cox after being transfered to 6 different people there was finally someone that new what I was talking about when I asked to be put on the wait list. The first person had no clue what so ever […]

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Cox redeems themselves…..

When I thought all was hopeless I just got a call from Cox today. Yes they called me. It was a lady wanting to tuch base with me on what is going on with the HD service. Remember I have not asked anyone to contact me by phone. Anyway she said that the target date […]

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Power outage in Edmond

Didn’t know if any one else in the Edmond area now has trouble with their TV from yesterdays power outages. I was watching my Mits. ws-55859 when the poewr flickered a few times and now the TV wont come on at all. It locked up. I hade to call service today to have them come […]

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SA3250 orSA3270

Just wanted to know if anyone has heard any news lately on when it will be out or if Cox has decided on when to rent out the box’s?

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Cox changing mind on Best Buy?.?..

Spoke with someone at Audio Video Plus today to see if they had heard anything yet about recieving the new 3250HD. They said they recieved an email stating they would carry the new model but does not know when or how much. I told him I heard about Best Buy was suppose to carry the […]

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Email from Cox about 3250HD

Well don’t know how much this will help us but this is what response I got about the 3250HD inquirie I had. I asked if Best Buy was going to carry them. “In response to your question about the SA 3250HD. If Best Buy is carrying this converter, it should be compatible with our HDTV […]

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Attic antenna

Ok Ok I know it has been brought up many times by others but here goes anyway. I am finally going to do an attic antenna and I live at 173rd and Penn wich is just about two miles or so north of Quail Springs mall. Is there a certain antenna you all would suggest […]

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KETA down?

I haven’t seen KETA broadcasting anything lately were they damaged by the storms?

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Has anyone been able to pick up KAUT? I noticed TitanTV has them listed now on their sit along with KETA. Are they using half power or is it coming in pretty clear? I don’t seem to be able to get the channel. Note from HiDefSooner: I got this from TitanTV but I have not […]

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Also has anyone been able to get this station as well. I am getting a reading saying the station is there but there is no picture. It has been a few months since I have seen a picture. Are they at half power? Sorry to have so many questions with dif. stations it’s just that […]

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Has any one heard how they are coming along with getting their digital tower up. I can still just get WB but can not pickup Fox. I sure would like to be able to see Nascar on Sundays in widescreen format. I know it would also only be 480p but hey it would still look […]

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Off the Topic for a second.

I’m sorry to be off the topic about HD for a second but I would like some opinion’s on a good prgressive scan DVD player. I am at a cross between the Sony DVP-NS999ES or the Denon DVD-2800MKII? I also thought about the Denon 1600 with the DCDi Faroudja chipset but I don’t know how […]

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