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FOX 25 launches Country Music Channel on 25.2

We’ve just added a County Music channel that will air on 25.2 For now this will be OTA only.

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KOCB adds The CoolTV

We have added a channel to KOCB’s lineup on 34.2 called the CoolTV. For more information see

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KOKH and KOCB will cease analog transmission Feb 17th at 11:59PM

This was made official today that we are going to cease analog transmissions on both of our stations, KOKH FOX 25 and KOCB CW 34 Febuary 17th at 23:59PM.

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Final Oklahoma City DTV soft test scheduled for Jan 26th

All Oklahoma City broadcasters will be participating in a final dtv soft test Jan 26th at 5:20 & 6:20 PM. If you don’t see the message during those 2 times, you are ready for the Feb 17th transition to DTV, however, if you DO see the test, you will need to take some type of […]

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OkC DTV readiness test

Monday, January 12th, all the local TV stations in Oklahoma City will be doing a DTV Readiness test to see if you are prepared for the Feb 17th Digital transistion. The tests will be conducted at 6:50 AM, 5:20 PM and 10:20 PM. The test will last 2 minutes so that you can check ALL […]

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Program discription update for FOX & CW DT’s

We have just completed a upgrade on our guidebuilder system that populates what shows are airing on our DT stations if you press the program guide button on your DTV sets. If you press the guide button, you should see what is airing as well as a discription of the current program, somewhat like a […]

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Loss of KOKH DT in Western Oklahoma

I am seeking input from viewers who have lost the ability to view KOKH Digital in Western Oklahoma. As you know, KOMI was granted a STA to increase power from 160 watts ERP to 15kW ERP back in November 07. Since doing this, many viewers have lost the ability to view KOKH’s DTV signal. If […]

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KOCB Analog and Digital Transmission Problem

We experienced a transmission line failure at appoximitly 9:38PM Thursday evening, resulting in knocking off KOCB Analog and Digital. KOCB Programming can be found at 25.2 while we work on restoration of the transmission line. I will keep everyone posted on the staus. We hope that we can get this repaired by late this evening. […]

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Sinclair and Cox come to Retrans Deal Analog and HD

Thought I’d pass on some good news. Sinclair has reached a agreement with Cox for the carriage of Fox and CW in HD!! I don’t know when Cox will have the stations on the HD tier, but it should happen quickly. Steve KOKH/KOCB Here is the press release: BALTIMORE/ATLANTA (June 5, 2007) – Cox Communications, […]

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KOCB Digital will be off-air for 2 days

KOCB DT will be going off the air for a couple of days as we upgrade the exciter for this transmitter. It should be back on the air Thursday morning. We apologize for the inconvience this may cause. Steve KOKH/KOCB Engineering

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BCS and Cotton Bowls will be in HD on FOX25

I just confirmed today that the cotton bowl and the 4 BCS Bowl games that FOX will do will all be in HD. Note: You will have to receive FOX 25 over the air, in order to receive these in HD. Steve KOKH/KOCB Engineering

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AT&T U-Verse TV Service HD Channels

Found this in the local trades…. AT&T Announces HD, Expanded U-verse Features AT&T Tuesday officially announced the availability of HD programming to San Antonio subscribers to its U-verse TV service and detailed other new features including the ability to schedule digital-video-recorder programs via the Web. The company said it is offering “more than 25 HD […]

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KOKH & KOCB Analog & DTV Maintenance

We are scheduled to go off air Sunday Night/Monday Morning with all transmitters to get some general maintenace taken care of. KOKH will go down after airing The Dallas Cowboys Show on Sunday night, and KOCB will be going down at 1AM. We expect be be back on-air sometime before 6 AM. I apologize to our […]

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CW HD is now here in OKC

Thought I’d let everyone know that the CW is now being broadcast in HD on certain programs this year, but will only be in Dolby 2.0 for now….network decision. If you notice any problems, let us know.  Enjoy the new CW!! Thanks, Steve KOKH/KOCB Engineering

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Combo Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player by LG is Dead

LG Electronics, the one-time DVD peace-maker, has scuttled plans for a combination Blu-ray/HD-DVD player that was planned for launch this fall. According to Bob Perry, VP of sales and channel marketing who outlined product plans at the company’s 2006 Summer Line Show this week in New York, LG remains part of the Blu-ray camp and […]

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