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KWTV to repurpose News Now 53

On April 1, Griffin Communications will take over operation of NewsNow 53 from Cox Communications, and will re-brand it as News 9 Now, placing it on digital broadcast channel 9.2 as part of their off-air signal. This will allow all cable operators to take advantage of the NewsNow concept, and allow all off-air viewers to […]

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KFOR overhauling translators

KFOR crews are in the process of upgrading all of the translator towers in northwest Oklahoma. First up was the Seiling tower this week, where they removed the old high band and low band VHF antenna arrays and installed new digital transmitters and antennas on the tower. When this week’s redo is complete, the tranlators […]

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KWTV to shut down VHF channel 9 permanently

KWTV has received FCC approval to shut down channel 9 over-the-air transmissions and use UHF channel 39 as their exclusive transmitter. The shutdown will occur Monday, August 30 at 12:30 PM following the noon newscast. Short service interruptions will begin July 29 to induce viewers to re-scan their tuners for the UHF signal. The PSIP […]

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KWTV UHF 39 Maintenance

KWTV, Oklahoma City UHF Channel 39 will be performing planned maintenance from approximately 12:00 AM until 04:00 AM on Wednesday, January 6. If we finish the work early we will sign back on at that time. This maintenance will allow us to relocate our fiber feed at the transmitter location.

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KWTV now broadcasting on both VHF and UHF

KWTV, responding to reports of weak signals in certain areas of the state, has begun broadcasting on both channel 9 on VHF and on their old UHF assignment, channel 39. Our cable system received no notification from them about this change, and noticed this morning that we are no longer receiving their channel 9 signal […]

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KWTV-DT Maintenance

From approximately 9 AM to 4 PM on Wed., Sept, 3, KWTV will be operating at reduced power from their auxiliary antenna. The purpose of this outage is to perform repairs to the transmission line system on the main antenna. If they complete the repairs early, full power operation will be resumed as soon as […]

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KWTV-DT increases power

KWTV-DT is adding a third transmitter cabinet this weekend that will bring their transmitter power up to 62KW and hopefully increase their reliable coverage area to what it should be. Their signal will be offline for a few hours while the change is made.

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KOKH problems gone in western Oklahoma

KOMI-DT, Woodward ion station, has moved their signal to UHF channel 34. They had been operating on channel 24, which prevented KOKH’s signal from reaching into western and northwestern Oklahoma. This move has alleviated reception problems out here and now KOKH is coming in just fine.

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Wichita station KWCH to launch HD newscast

Wichita CBS affiliate KWCH will begin HD local newscasts in October according to promos the station has been running this week.

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KFOR problems

I am curious if other cable operators or users are having problems receiving KFOR-DT UHF 27.

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OETA Master Control

It’s been years now that we’ve been hearing stories about OETA’s Master Control project. What is the status of this? I had read stories here and on other websites last summer that said it was to be completed in the Fall and have heard nothing since then.

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Taloga Cable HD channel lineup

Thought I’d let people know that as of March 9, we have finished our rehab of the fiber line to our tower and now offer Oklahoma City 4, 9, 25, 34, 52, 62, and OETA-DT’s on Taloga Cable in rock solid form at last. The channels are being provided at NO CHARGE, basic cable, in […]

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DTV Station Power Levels

I know that stations 4, 5, and 9 are operating at around 300,000 watts of power right now, which is extremely low, and I’m wondering what their plans are on ramping up that power to their allotted levels, how soon any upgrade is to occur, etc. At my location (Taloga, OK), I can receive KWET-DT […]

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DTV signal survey

While setting up headend equipment at my cable system to receive KWET-DT ch 8 in Cheyenne, I rotated my high band VHF and UHF antennas to see if other signals were present. At my location, Taloga, OK, 72 mi WNW of OKC I am receiving a strong DTV signal on channel 12 from the NE. […]

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KOCO demanding money that will raise your cable bills

Hearst-Argyle broadcasting, through their affiliate in OKC, KOCO, is demanding payment from cable operators to carry their signal, either analog or digital. Payment for something my customers can receive free over the air! They are the ONLY station in Oklahoma City demanding such payment, but in all other stations’ retransmission agreements with cable operators there […]

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