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No HD on MNF

What the hell man. I thought the game was supposed to be HD. Come on ABC!!! Get it right. Note from HiDefSooner: This may be an ABC issue. Call the news hotline and ask for Master Control.

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I wonder if it is possible for ABC to complete an entire MNF in HD? Did anyone else notice the transmission being in 4:3 for about 15 minutes? It happens every broadcast. The Sunday night ESPN game was a religious experience. I have never seen a more clear and color correct picture in my life. […]

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Showtime Boxing

Showtime had boxing in HD last night. It was broadcast in 1080i, I think. It didn’t have the clarity as ESPN but it was still cool. Very graphic. It would get a bit granular on the closeup fast moving shots so most of the video was from outside the ring except between rounds. Good color, […]

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For some time now Cox has stated that they will carry OETA digital and it hasn’t happened yet. I was told many moons ago the signal would be carried in mid May. Heard anything about that yet? JT.

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Star Wars on HBO HD

I watched Star Wars last night and it was very nice. Full screen picture and great sound. Now if only all tv broadcasts were like this…JT. Then I switched back to SD. Yuck!

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This Website

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the Webmaster for this site. I check it EVERY DAY for new news and articles. Sites take a lot of time to do right and it has significantly increased the knowledge of many users throughout the country. I judge a site by its usefulness and truth. […]

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Cox HD box for sale…

Anybody interested in purchasing a Cox HD STB, email me and I’ll save you a few bucks. It’s about 2 months old. I have an OTA system and I just don’t need it. My email address is . Thanks.

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Cox and CBS

I am going to show my ignorance. On Cox’s website, I am seeing that CBS is slated to come soon. Is it possible for the local affiliate to “beam” a signal and not go OTA?

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A Celebration of HDTV

I’m thinking that in May, we should get together and celebrate the HDTV rollout in OKC. I would kind of like to meet some of you guys and gals so I can put faces with names. Maybe at an electronics store or club? Food for thought. JT.

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KOCO Phone Call

I cannot receive a signal from KOCO and I live on SW 129th street off of May. I have a roof-mounted antenna that (from the ground) is about 20′ in the air. I called and spoke with an engineer at KOCO and this is what he told me. He confirmed that crews are working on […]

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We want HDTV

I am becoming disenchanted with the thought of KOCO and others broadcasting a signal that I cannot receive. I emailed the engineerÂ’s mailbox and as of today have not had a reply (itÂ’s been over a week now). Why do the local stations not speak of HD on their sites? What are they afraid of? […]

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