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Information about what’s happening with the site, new features, etc.

Test out social to link site with Twitter, Facebook

I bet you guys thought this site was dead. I actually planning to refocus it cord cutting since I cancelled my satellite a year ago and have been surviving with Hulu Plus and other services on my Apple TV.

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Matt’s post last night in the forums prompted me to give this site a little long overdue love. While I’m sure he was probably just ranting, I appreciate his sentiments and wanted them to be seen.

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Someone contacted me the other day asking why registrations were disabled. There was no special reason except that before I disabled registration we had about 20 or so ‘bot spammers registering each day to try to inject stuff into the database. I had intended to turn registrations back on several months ago, but I got […]

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Maintenance and Upgrades

Inactive user accounts will be deleted in the next week or so.

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Server Upgrades

Today, I updated both the main site and the forum site to the latest versions of WordPress and BBPress respectively. This should fix the problem where you would be logged out of the main site when you logged into the BBPress site and vice versa. One of the upcoming releases of WordPress should improve the […]

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Forums are back…

I’ve converted the forums based on XDForums, which was abandoned by its developer, to BBPress, which is maintained by the same people who do WordPress. Among the new features are: RSS feeds for the main site, individual forums and individual posts Tagging and a Tag Cloud showing the most popular subjects A list of […]

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Upgrade Complete

Well, kind of complete. The upgrade is actually finished and might require you to log in again. If you run into any problems with that contact me. As I noted in my earlier post, I’ve disabled the XD Forum software and will replace it with something that’s going to be supported in the future, but […]

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Site Notes

In the next few days, I’ll be upgrading the site to the latest versions of everything. As part of this process, I’ll be taking down the broken forums for a while until I can get a replacement in place.There will probably be a little down time and I make take this opportunity to rethink some […]

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Items of interest…

Al writes: 1. Why are oeta 13 and ksbi 52(?) both down now, april 2? KETA-DT was on the air as of around 5:15 p.m. KSBI-DT was down… 2. What do KFOR, KOCO, and KWTV need to stay hi-def during bad weather? Do they need a hi-def character generator? How much money? When do you […]

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Welcome to the new site…

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally completed moving the content from the old site, which ran phpWebsite, into WordPress, a more flexible solution for this site. phpWebsite served us well for nearly five years, but it’s time to move on. What this means to users is that you’ll need to login in […]

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Coming soon…

I have almost completed the steps necessary to upgrade the site to a more robust, secure environment. Once I work out a couple of small problems, I’m hoping to make the transition this weekend. There should be a minimal amount of downtime during this transiton. All that should be required of you is that you […]

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Note From Management…

This site is not a democracy. I can’t tell if you people are children or just acting childish, but it’s time to knock off the attacks on each other and get back to watching HDTV. If you read something stupid here on this site, whether its in a post or a comment, take a moment, […]

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I would like to compel everyone to put an end to this whole Bobby C situation. If he gets involved in your posts, discussions, etc. simply dismiss him and move on. We are simply encouraging him to continue this behavior by always dicussing him. Due to the fact that we apparently have no governing body […]

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Poll Question

What does everyone think about adding a Breakroom section to this site for general Chit Chat or off topic discussions? What about a Non HD realated Tv Section? What about a section to discuss TV Shows? Soaps,Old Tv Shows Etc…. What about a section devoted to C-band and 4 DTV Receivers and FTA receivers?

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Every piece of information in the DTV Station Matrix is over a year old, in spite of the rapid changes taking place in digital broadcasting in Oklahoma. Kevin and Norm need help! Hopefully this board will find a way to keep this information current.

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