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Hardware for Cable HDTV Reception

Yet another end in sight…

The Tulsa World is reporting that Cox will soon require customers to use boxes for cable. That means you will no longer be able to plug your ancient analog TV directly into the wall: Instead, subscribers into Cox

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Cox Distributing Whole Home DVR

On March 23, 2011, Jay Newton Wrote: Cox is distributing the Whole Home DVR in OKC now. It costs an extra $5.95 a month with a $80 install fee. The wait right now is 1 month. They won’t allow self-installs. Link follows. I believe that Dish and DirecTV both offer similar functionality in their […]

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KFOR-DT Off Air Tonight for Maintenance

KFOR-DT on Dish, DirecTV and over the air will be off air starting at 10:30 PM tonight for maintenance on their transmitter. They hope to be back up by 5:00 AM tomorrow morning. If you are on Cox or AT&T Uverse you will be still be able to KFOR-DT.

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KOKI HD Newscast

I have seen posts on AVSForum and Twitter that KOKI-DT’s newscast will go HD tonight. No word yet on syndicated programming.

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Suddenlink Local HD Channels Down?

Redrings writes in the forums: Came back home from Thanksgiving at the parents and found out that my HD local channels from Suddenlink have stopped working. Survivor didn’t record last wednesday night, so I know it’s been down since then – anyone else having trouble? Anyone else having problems with Suddenlink HD channels?

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KWTV-DT News Goes HD

I saw on Twitter this morning that KWTV-DT broadcast its first newscast in HD last night. I usually watch the Sports Blitz before going to bed but I missed it. I will check it out when I get home from work today. I wonder if Dolby Digital 5.1 and HD syndicated programming are around the […]

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Cox Adds NFL Red Zone Channel

Cox is adding the NFL RedZone channel this Sunday! To tune Cox ch. 268(SD) & 708(HD) in OKC & 268(SD) & 713(HD) in Tulsa.

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Cox making changes to OnDemand

jedicurt writes in the forums: I was watching tv last night and saw a commercial from cox talking about changes that are being made to the OnDemand service and all of this is coming in September… [Details (2.3 MB pdf file)]

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Cox Add Fox Soccer HD

Cox added Fox Soccer HD on channel 702 in OKC and channel 704 in Tulsa.

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Cox Adds Fox Sports Plus HD in OKC and Tulsa

Cox added Fox Sports Plus HD today on channel 710 in OKC and Tulsa.

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Masters in 3D on Cox in OKC and Tulsa

Tip from hdtver, If you are interested in checking this out, here is link then “More details on getting ready for 3DTV” The information is specific to Samsung and Panasonic models. The specifics of most interest are that the broadcasts will occur on April 7,8,9.10 and 11. HDMI 1.4 and 3D glasses/goggles that work with […]

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Cox to Reduce Price for HD OD Movies

Cox announced on Twitter today that starting on 4/1/2010 the price of HD OD (On-Demand) movies will be reduced to $4.99. This is the same price as SD movies!

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Clear QAM Channels on Cox

Taddeusz writes: I’m not sure when it happened but KFORDT, KFORDT2, KOCODT, and KOCODT2 are currently available on two separate clear QAM channels in the OKC area, 84 and 116. Previously they were only on channel 84. I wonder if Cox is planning on moving those from 84 to 116 and they are keeping both […]

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ESPN to Create 3D Network

ESPN is going to create a 3D network starting in June 2010 and televise 85 live events. Link

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Jenks vs. Union Championship Game in HD

According to its Twitter account, Cox Oklahoma will be carrying the Jenks vs. Union football game in HD on Friday at 7:30 p.m. on channel 710. Not sure if this is in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, but it is a state championship game. To my knowledge, this is the first high school game broadcast […]

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