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House DTV vote introduces uncertainty

Confusion reigns following house vote to delay DTV transition until June 12th.

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Congress Passes DTV Delay Bill

Congress passed today a bill that would change the DTV transition date from February 17th to June 12th. President Obama said he plans to sign the bill. I believe most stations in Oklahoma will still cut off their analog transmitter on February 17th anyways.

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KDOR-DT Completes DTV Transition

TBN’S KDOR CHANNEL 17 COMPLETES ITS TRANSITION TO DIGITAL WITH THE SIGN ON OF ITS FULL POWER DIGITAL TRANSMITTER Today, January 28, 2009, KDOR-DT 17 Bartlesville/Tulsa began broadcasting on their digital post-transition Channel 17. Viewers in Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas with digital converter boxes or digital televisions (using an over the air antenna) may […]

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Help your neighbors…

…make the transition to digital television. An article in the New York Times talks about how many older Americans have not yet made the transition and most likely to be surprised when the transition is made. I would encourage those of us who have already made the transition to help our neighbors get this done. […]

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US House Defeats DTV Delay Bill

The US House has defeated the Bill that would delay the DTV transition four months. READ

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DTV Transition Delay Near, Will Cost Stations Millions

The New York Times is reporting that Congress is close to delaying the DTV transition by six months, from February 17 to June 12. Meanwhile, the head of PBS said the delay will cost public TV stations millions to keep their analog transmiters running during this delay. Although the article is about PBS stations, all […]

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KWTV Analog Cutoff

KWTV is running a PSA that they will stop analog broadcasting Fed 17, 2009 at 1:00 PM.

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Get the DTV transition over with already and start collecting money from those auctions to pay for the stimulus package, healthcare or whatever… Obama Recommends Delay in Digital TV Switch I honestly do not think this is going to be much of a problem except for maybe a few weeks until people go out and […]

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DTV subsidy program nearly broke

According to the Associated Press, the rebate program set up to ease the transition from analog to digital broadcasting is running out of coupons and money. With a little more than 40 days away from the official switch on February 17th, the article says that consumers have requested 44.9 million coupons, of which 18 million […]

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Tulsa ranks poorly for TV switchover

Tulsa has ranked as one of the most unprepared areas for the Feb. 17 DTV switchover. Read

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Rocky Road for DTV Tuners

Well here it comes the first wave of probably many articles coming out about people having negative experiences with DTV tuners. I bought one of these to $49 DTV tuners at Walmart we will see how it stacks up. READ

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Oklahoma Channels in Arkansas?

Marylyn West writes: Why is it that when I installed my new converter box, I was unable to get channels within Oklahoma? All the channels I receive are from Arkansas, which limits me on the amount of news I receive. I am only receiving Arkansas news and in Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather that is not a […]

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DTV Coupons

Florence writes: I need to know how to get the $40.00 from the gov’t. for the DTV converter box. I will need (2) two converter boxes. Please advise me where I must go to get the certificate mentioned on T.V. Thanks for any help you can give me Florence Harris This has come up a […]

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Digital TV Switch Over Article in the Oklahoman

The Oklahoman had an article on the DTV switch over that I completely forgot about. Dennis and I helped provide some information in the article. One thing I did see missing from the article is that the FCC DTV Box Coupon cannot be used on a box with HD outputs. Read

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