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Yet another end in sight…

The Tulsa World is reporting that Cox will soon require customers to use boxes for cable. That means you will no longer be able to plug your ancient analog TV directly into the wall: Instead, subscribers into Cox

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KFOR Transmits HD from Chopper

KFOR-DT transmitted HD from their helicopter for the first time today. KFOR-DT is definitely stepping up the HD news coverage in the state. It is only a matter of time when we will see a tornado in HD from a helicopters perspective. Hopefully it will not be in a populated area. I live in Moore, […]

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DirecTV to start 3D Broadcasts in June

DirecTV and Panasonic announced a partnership to start broadcasting 3D channels starting in June. DirecTV HD receivers will receive an update so that the 3D picture and can seen on 3D compatible HDTVs. You will also need a pair of active-shutter glasses.

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KOCO-DT KSWO Channel 7 Post DTV Transition

Now that KSWO has vacated channel 7 at midnight last night, has anyone noticed any change in the KOCO-DT reception? Has it got better, worse, or the same? Take a look at your DTV signal strength meter if you have one on your equipment.

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Turn a Dish ViP211 receiver into a DVR for $40 and a cheap hard drive

Last night, I took advantage of a new feature offered by Dish Network to turn a ViP211 receiver into a DVR by plugging a external hard drive into my receiver and then calling Dish to activate.

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Rocky Road for DTV Tuners

Well here it comes the first wave of probably many articles coming out about people having negative experiences with DTV tuners. I bought one of these to $49 DTV tuners at Walmart we will see how it stacks up. READ

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Magnavox Blu-Ray Player at Wal-Mart

I was at Wal-Mart in Moore the other night and I saw this $300 Magnavox profile 1.1 Blu-Ray player. I like the idea of cheaper Blu-Ray players coming out to help drive down prices and push the format to consumers but why not just get a PS3 for $100 more.

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Dish replacing legacy MPEG-2 receivers with newer MPEG-4 models

The end is near. Today, I received a phone call from Dish Network saying that my Dish 811 receiver would have to be replaced or I would stop receiving HD programming. Online research shows that I probably have until sometime in August before I have to make the switch.

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David Moran writes: I live in Norman and am interested in DXing. If I buy a DTV converter box, how likely is it that I would be able to pull in KTEN and/or KXII? Thanks.

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Oklahoma Channels in Arkansas?

Marylyn West writes: Why is it that when I installed my new converter box, I was unable to get channels within Oklahoma? All the channels I receive are from Arkansas, which limits me on the amount of news I receive. I am only receiving Arkansas news and in Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather that is not a […]

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DTV Coupons

Florence writes: I need to know how to get the $40.00 from the gov’t. for the DTV converter box. I will need (2) two converter boxes. Please advise me where I must go to get the certificate mentioned on T.V. Thanks for any help you can give me Florence Harris This has come up a […]

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16×9 Next Year?

Bruce writes: When broadcast changes to HD will local programing be in wide screen or will it remain in 4:3 format? I have a wide screen TV and it would be nice to have everything in wide screen…

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DirecTV Introduces TV tuner for your PC

I don’t know if this new product from DirecTV will do HD but the HDPC-20 is a dual satellite tuner box that connects to you computer via USB so you can record and watch programming with Vista Media Center. Yes Dennis I did say Vista. 🙂 I am kinda of surprised it did not also […]

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27 inch OLED TV at CES

Check this video from CES, a 27 inch OLED prototype TV from Sony. It is the width of 3 credit cards and has 1,000, 000:1 contrast ratio. Watch

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Warner Goes BluRay Exclusive

I have been seeing constant rumors on the Internet for months that Warner will go Blu-Ray exclusive at some point. Today there has been an announcement that Warner will continue to publish titles in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD until May 2008 then the will only publish their title with Blu-Ray from then on. This will definitely […]

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