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32-inch HDTVs below $700

David Moran writes: I am looking at buying an HDTV in the near future (around 32 inches) and am looking to spend at most $700 or so. Is this feasible?

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Seniors Maybe Left Out of the Digital Transition

 The Oklahoman had an article today about the how the elderly maybe left out of the digital transition. There are lots of senior citizens that could be left out because many of them do not know the transition is taking place.

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HD or Not HD?

David writes: I recently bought a new TV. I don’t think it’s high def, however, in the manual, it talks about connecting HD components. This makes me wonder if I can in fact, if I wanted to, get HD service through Cox. I found the manual and the specifications online.

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Mitsubishi TV Sony Receiver Problem

JV: I have a very recent model Mitsubishi DLP TV plugging in to a Sony home theater receiver. Using the OTA tuner with 90% or better signal strength on all channels, I get sound dropouts on KOCO when using the coaxial digital output for sound. No other channel has this issue exhibits this problem. The […]

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Picking Up Signals in Yukon

Jayson Floyd writes: I recently purchased a hdtv antenna in order to pick up over the air high def. I live in north Yukon and I don’t seem to be picking up any stations. The antenna that I purchased has a range of 30 miles. Are there any HD towers within a 30 mile radius […]

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DLP Theater in Shawnee

I check every once and while to see if we are ever going to get a DLP theater in the OKC metro area. The closest theater with a DLP projector is in Plano until now. I am not sure when this opened but from looking at the web site it looks like they have 5 […]

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OTA Recording Options?

hddizzy writes: With current ABC/FOX, and possibly future HD programming available only over the air (OTA). Do those of us who almost refuse to watch non-HD programming have a recording option for over the air HD? Are there any DVD recorders that have a digital tuner? A recent consumer reports article about DVD recorders states […]

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KOCB and KAUT in Norman

Herbert Skidmore writes: I have recently installed an outdoor antenna in order to receive KOCO over the air transmission. No indoor antenna that I tried would work here in north Norman (Tecumseh Road and Porter). Reception is great for KOCO. Other Norman HD users say I am lucky. However, I have scanned several times, and […]

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DirecTV Rollsout 6.3 Software for the HD Tivo Boxes

It is finally here. The 6.3 software rollout has begun. I am not sure when Oklahoma users will get the update but I am sure it is soon. Your boxes needs to connected to a phone line for the new software to be activated and installed.

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Tivo Releases HD Series 3 Box

TiVo Debuts Revolutionary Series3 High Definition Digital Media Recorder The TiVo Series3 HD Box is the World’s first THX Certified DVR and Delivers the Best Home Theater Experience with Advanced Broadband Features and Two CableCARD Slots for Digital Cable Integration Alviso, CA — September 12, 2006 — TiVo Inc., the creator of and a leader […]

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DirecTV HD Tivo Boxes to Get 6.3 Software Upgrade

I have read on several message boards that DirecTV will rollout the 6.3 upgrade for the HR10-250 HD Tivo boxes next week. The new features will be folders and a faster guide. 

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Cotton Bowl Gets HDTV Scoreboard

The State Fair of Texas has chosen Daktronics to build a new HD LED powered video display for the Cotton Bowl. This part of the $50 renovation plan for the stadium. When completed, the new ProStar(R) video board will match the 720p HD standard, with 720 lines of resolution, each line populated with 1,280 full-color […]

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Elgato Systems introduces EyeTV Hybrid ATSC Tuner

Elgato Systems today introduced the EyeTV Hybrid, a combo NTSC/ATSC TV tuner for Macintosh computers that plugs into a USB 2 port. I own the EyeTV 500, which only does digital TV and has a Firewire interface. It has completely changed the way I use and view HDTV. Unlike some DVR systems, there are no […]

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DirecTV to Release HD DVR in August

According to TVWeek, Directv is releasing its MPEG4 HD-DVR in mid-August. The first market the box will be released is L.A. then it will be released in other markets in subsequent weeks. Since there are no HD locals in Oklahoma I don’t think we will see this box in Oklahoma for a while. Link to […]

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HDMI Licensing Fee Reduced

HDMI Licensing, the agent responsible for licensing the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) specification, announced it has reduced the annual administration fee for HDMI adopters from $15,000 to $10,000. The fee reduction was made possible by HDMI’s growing success in the marketplace. This will also allow more devices to be equipped with HDMI ports.

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