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Sale: Electrohome Marquee 8500

New CRTs with approx. 150 hours on them (note, these are new, not rebuilds), a new high voltage power supply (I previously posted this item without the hvps, and I have since replaced it), and additional rgb input board. This projector does HDTV and DVDs better than any digital projector on the market and is […]

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Electrohome 8500 for sale (newly retubed)

I have an electrohome 8500 crt projector that was retubed (new tubes, not rebuilds) under 200 hours ago. The projector is in great shape, but has a hvps problem where after about five hours of continual use, the picture will flicker in and out. After powering down, it will go fine for another five hours, […]

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For Sale…Mitsubishi HDTV

We are selling our Mitsubishi WS-65511 65″ rear projection TV. It has built in HD tuner so, hook up rabbit ears or an antenna and you can receive any local digital and HD broadcasts. PBS looks awesome. So does Monday Night Football. We still have C-band and watch Discovery HD Theater, Starz, Encore, and Showtime […]

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Brand NEW Zenith DVB318 1080i Via Component DVD Player FOR SALE!!!

Hi everyone I am selling a brand new Zenith DVB318 1080i DVD player. I ended up buying the player somewhere else online because it took the supplier 3 weeks to ship this second one to me. I need to sell this one locally ASAP preferrably for cash but I might consider PayPal if the price […]

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Buy a JVC DVHS VCR and be able to record HD from COX

I am selling my JVC DVHS machine for $300, I have around 17 Dtheater tapes that I will add in for an additional cost. This unit will allow you to tape HD from COX. Email me at if interested. I also am selling a Pronto TSU2000 touchscreen universal remote for $100, all equipment listed […]

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I want to move into the new DVR age. Sony HD-200 FOR SALE, Cheap.

If i can sell my Sony HD-200 with all its cords and remotes and even in the orginal box. Anyone interested? You can email me at Thanks

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Hughes E86 for sale.

Excellent condition Hughes E86 High Definition Directv reciever. Asking $225 but will take best offer. Im in Tulsa. If you have any questions please feel free to email and ask. Ken.

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Home Theater Sale

I am trimming some of my HD equipment, so if anything interests you let me know., I do accept paypal, so if you don’t have the cash, then we can still make it work.

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Samsung 351

I bought this a couple of months ago, but rarely use it. I am using Cox cable for HD at present. Thinking about moving to DirecTV. It’s an OTA receiver and picks up all the local channels well here in Moore. I will not refuse any reasonable offer.

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Used Oval Triple LNB Directv Dish Tulsa Area

$20 email at if interested. Ken

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32\” Mitsubishi computer monitor/HDTV

I have a 32″ mis computer monitor that was used for presentations which I now have at home. I hooked it up to my dish 6000 and lo and behold it displays a beautiful 1080i and 480p signal (480p is done through my htpc). In fact, the picture is better than any of the direct […]

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36\” Wega XBR400 Hi-def Ready $850 OBO

Excellent condition 36″ XBR; has been Avia calibrated to proper levels since purchase. Will be happy to demo prior to purchase. Paid over $2000 new.

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Hughes HDTV DirecTV Satellite Receiver For Sale

I wanted to offer this online before ebay. I have a hughes hdtv directv sattellite tuner for sale. It is only about 5 months old purchased from ultimate for $499.00. The only reason I am selling is I am buying the new directv tivo when it is release. I would like to get $300 for […]

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Any Interest in my 36\” Panasonic HDTV?

Hey folks, I’m moving to a new house and want to upgrade to a larger set. Anyone have any interest in my Panasonic CT-36HX41? It’s a 36″ set with a great picture. 1080i looks awesome as do DVDs. Set is in perfect shape with the exception of a broken latch on the front panel input […]

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Sony SAT-HD100

SONY SAT-HD100 High Definition Dolby Digital DSS Satellite Receiver for sale on eBay.

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