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Information about HD-DVD.

Toshiba HD DVD Player Firmware Update

Toshiba released a firmware upgrade for its 2 HD-DVD players yesterday. Toshiba HD DVD player owners can now download the update directly to their player via the ethernet port.

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HD-DVD Sighting at Best Buy

I was out at lunch and went by the Best Buy at NW 59th and N. May to see if they had an HD-DVD demo running. I saw 1 Toshiba HD A-1 player in stock for $499 and they had one connected to a Mistsubishi HDTV playing Phantom of the Opera. It looked really good. […]

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Future of home recording in the era of HDDVDs.

I assume that the movie studios do not want me to be able to make Blu-Ray copies or HD-DVD copies of their movies and that is why all the CP stuff is being added to the about-to-be released players. So what AM I going to be able to do? I guess if I had an […]

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When does Best Buy expect the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players?

Here is when Best Buy expects the Toshiba and Sony HD players and discs to arrive, according to their web site:

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HD-DVD Rollout Pushed Back

HD-DVD has been pushed back to April 18th. Warner Bro. is behind making their movies and they don’t expect them to get on the shelf until April 18th so they have pushed back the rollout so that the boxes and the movie disks will be release at the same time.

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Sony versus Toshiba round 2 – Blood on the streets (again.)

First the news: will let you “preorder” the Toshiba HD-DVD player HD-A1 for $499.99 with expected arrival by April 03 (20 days from now). Sony has announced a late May release date (8 weeks after Toshiba) for their player and many movies. (The PS3 will be delayed beyond that). The only Sony price I […]

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If anyone has some info on HD DVD players, I would love it if they could pass it on to us. I have read where there are going to be some releases in HD-DVD formats (and re-releases),but have not heard about specific HD DVD players.I have seen some with upconversion but none that call themselves […]

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Is someone beating HD-DVD and Blu-Ray to the punch?

There is an article in today’s online edition of the Washington Post claiming that the Japense vendor I-O Data’s ( A VeL LinkPlayer2 can play two HD formats from a DVD (DivX and MS WMV HD and and you can get it for $250. Free software provided by the DivX folks for spanning […]

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SUPER-DVDS…Three Questions.

1. Will we see the super DVDs by Christmas 2005? 2. Which one will get to market first (Blu-Ray or HDDVD)? 3. Why didn’t they learn from Betamax?

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HD recordable to CD!!!

Sony now has a High Definition recorder that uses a blue ray to record 50 GB to a dual layer disc. Can you believe that?? Perfect for recording sports games! They have not introduced a U.S. model yet, but the lowest price I have seen for one is $2700. There’s also a rival technology out […]

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Lord of the Rings on HD-DVD

Director Peter Jackson had some very interesting things to say about the forthcoming DVD release of King. Here’s a quote: “I’m sure most of you have heard me blabbing off in the past few weeks but we’ve just finished the extended cut of the DVD. I finished the edit before I came over here – […]

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High-Definition DVD on the Way

Here is a link to an article about HD-DVD in today’s USAToday.

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