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OETA information.

OETA finishing digital transition starting today

From Twitter: OETA begins the end of our statewide digital transition today – Lawton Viewers: OETA channel 36 switches to digital-only TODAY! You must RESCAN your converter boxes and digital TV sets to continue watching OETA channel 36.1 and our new digital Okla Channel 36.2 … Tomorrow, we travel to Altus and Frederick … watch […]

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OETA stations added to DirecTV

Newshawk writes: Yesterday (8/19/09), DirecTV added OETA stations KETA in OKC and KOED in Tulsa to those cities’ HD line up.

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I hate AugustFest on OETA

During most of the year, OETA carries great national programming from PBS and even produces some very good local programming. They carry as much or more high definition programming than the other major networks. Except once a year when they go on the air to raise money. I understand that they need funding to make […]

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OETA Added to Suddenlink in Stillwater

I’m not sure about the rest of the state, but KETA-DT has recently been added to Suddenlink’s HD offerings in Stillwater. I noticed it at a friend’s house on Saturday. Then Monday, I help a friend rescan his channel lineup and found the channel is being send via clear QAM so it can be added […]

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OETA Movie Club in HD

I forgot to mention this last week, but OETA has begun carrying some movies in HD on Friday and Saturday nights as part of B.J. Wexler’s OETA Movie Club. The Movie Club’s intro has been in HD for many weeks, but “Hotel Rwanda” is the first actual movie I’ve seen them carry that was in […]

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KWET and KOET Cease Analog Broadcasting

At 9 AM today OETA stations KWET and KOET have ceased analog broadcasting.

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Post-transition Experiences with KWTV-DT and KETA-DT in OKC

How well are you receiving the VHF channels in Oklahoma City after the DTV transition?

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Feb 17th DTV Transion is Here

The time has finally come for the 1st part of the DTV transition to now become reality. If you have a digital tv or a converter you will need to do a rescan for digital tv channels today. In the Oklahoma City area KWTV-DT is moving its DTV channel from 39 to 9 at 1:00 […]

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FCC Releases Official List of Stations Terminating Analog Broadcasts

According to the official Excel file released today from the FCC, the following stations will continue to run analog transmitters after next Tuesday… Oklahoma City KFOR-TV KOCO-TV KOPX-TV KSBI-TV KTBO-TV KTUZ-TV Tulsa KTPX-TV KJRH-TV KOKI-TV KTUL-TV Sherman, TX-Ada, OK KTEN-TV The other stations that cover Oklahoma, 16 of 28 stations, notified the FCC by last […]

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House DTV vote introduces uncertainty

Confusion reigns following house vote to delay DTV transition until June 12th.

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The Oklahoma News Report on OETA now in HD

mzokc writes: The OETA Oklahoma News Report began broadcasting in HD on Monday, Dec 8…. The telecast looks fantastic in HD and is another example of the continued excellence that OETA is showing with increased programming in HD. The majority of the ONR news stories from the field are now in HD. With the added […]

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The People’s Art

Bobarino writes: The People’s Art “A tour of the art featured in the Oklahoma Capitol with Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Robert Henry, a Shawnee native who’s been integral in the beautification effort at the capitol building.” I just watched this HD show on OETA. It was excellent, first rate production. It was about […]

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OETA to Resume OTA HD Programming

Yancy writes: Just received an e-mail response from Mark Norman, Deputy Director for OETA. I had written to ask about some bit error-induced artifacts that I was experiencing, and the fact that I could not find the OETA-HD channel despite its being listed on their digital television schedule page (after visiting, I found […]

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PBS’ Newshour Goes HD

On Monday, PBS’ hour long newscast, The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, became the second major network newscast to go HD after NBC, beating out ABC and CBS for the honor. They have a transcript of of a story they did on the transition on their site: The NewsHour Switches to High-Definition Broadcasting Format I haven’t […]

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OETA and The War: A Ken Burns Film

OETA has had a problem for the past several weeks where the audio on their HD broadcasts is messed up for the first part of any show. Tonight that’s happening with the Ken Burns documentary The War. Hopefully, it’s a local issue and not national… 7:30 p.m. update: The sound finally kicked in… 9:30 p.m. […]

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