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News about Oklahoma City Stations DTV roll out plans.

KWTV to shut down VHF channel 9 permanently

KWTV has received FCC approval to shut down channel 9 over-the-air transmissions and use UHF channel 39 as their exclusive transmitter. The shutdown will occur Monday, August 30 at 12:30 PM following the noon newscast. Short service interruptions will begin July 29 to induce viewers to re-scan their tuners for the UHF signal. The PSIP […]

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KOCO-DT Broadcasting From New Antenna

KOCO-DT is broadcasting from their new antenna that is attached at the top of their tower. It looks like there is still some fine still tuning going on so if do have KOCO-DT in your channel guide it would be a good idea to do a rescan.

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KOCO-TV Analog Antenna Coming Down

David Evans is quoted that the new digital antenna could be installed as early as next week. I would guess it would still be a while after that before they would actually use the new antenna. I am sure more infrastructure work will need to be done because they can start transmitting on the new […]

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Cox Add Fox Soccer HD

Cox added Fox Soccer HD on channel 702 in OKC and channel 704 in Tulsa.

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KFOR HD Coverage of the OKC Memorial Marathon

I really enjoyed watching KFOR’s HD coverage for the OKC Memorial Marathon this morning before church. There was a mix of SD and HD cameras, but the HD shots looked really good.

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Cox Adds Fox Sports Plus HD in OKC and Tulsa

Cox added Fox Sports Plus HD today on channel 710 in OKC and Tulsa.

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KFOR Control Room on U-Stream

Check out a behind the scenes live video feed from the KFOR-DT control room on Ustream.

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Cox Oklahoma Giving Away a 3DTV

Cox Oklahoma tweeted that they are giving away a 3DTV. You have to sign up at the Cox Norman, Edmond, or Riverside stores by 6 PM April 11.

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Masters in 3D on Cox in OKC and Tulsa

Tip from hdtver, If you are interested in checking this out, here is link then “More details on getting ready for 3DTV” The information is specific to Samsung and Panasonic models. The specifics of most interest are that the broadcasts will occur on April 7,8,9.10 and 11. HDMI 1.4 and 3D glasses/goggles that work with […]

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KOCO-TV Gets New Digital Antenna

Aurora 5000 passed along this link: KOCO-TV Gets New Digital Antenna OKLAHOMA CITY — Eyewitness News 5 has received a new digital antenna to help improve its over-the-air signal. The state-of-the-art antenna stands nearly 1,500 feet high and uses an omni-directional, multi-polar signal that should help viewers tune in KOCO-TV better. Construction crews will take […]

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Cox to Reduce Price for HD OD Movies

Cox announced on Twitter today that starting on 4/1/2010 the price of HD OD (On-Demand) movies will be reduced to $4.99. This is the same price as SD movies!

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Cox Switches KFOR SD From Channel 3 to 4 Today

KFOR SD has switched from channel 3 to channel 4 on Cox Cable today. If you have any recording scheduled on channel 3 you may have to cancel your recordings and create to new recording for each show on channel 4.

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KFOR Transmits HD from Chopper

KFOR-DT transmitted HD from their helicopter for the first time today. KFOR-DT is definitely stepping up the HD news coverage in the state. It is only a matter of time when we will see a tornado in HD from a helicopters perspective. Hopefully it will not be in a populated area. I live in Moore, […]

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Is KOCO-DT off the Air?

I saw something about this a day or two ago, but I just noticed I haven’t been able to pick up KOCO-DT all day? Did they get knocked off the air by the snow? Dennis

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KWTV-DT to Stay on UHF 39

KWTV-DT has applied to stop broadcasting on VHF channel 9 and keep broadcasting only on UHF channel 39. If you have any DVR recordings on 9-1 I would change it to record on channel 9-2.

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