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News about Oklahoma City Stations DTV roll out plans.

DirecTV Launches New Satellite

DirecTV launched a new satellite, DirecTV 12 yesterday. The new satellite should be deployed sometime in March to launch more HD channels as well as 3D services.

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Nielsen: Stations Lost 8% In DTV Switch

Neilson reports on its blog that on average stations lost eight percent share following the digital transition due in large part to TVs that weren’t ready. Stations that switched from UHF to VHF lost 13 percent share right after the transition.

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KOCO preparing for HD newscasts?

Clark Willis asks: Do the blue bars added to KOCO 5 mean they are working on HD newscast? I noticed the bars over the weekend and wondered the same thing. Does anyone have the inside scoop? Dennis

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New Cox HD Channels

From Cox Oklahoma‘s Twitter feed via Philip Spicer: Cox’s 8 New HD channels: NBA TV HD, NHL Network HD, ESPNU HD, MSNBC HD, WGN HD, CBS College Sports HD, The Movie Channel HD & MoreMax HD.

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KSBI-TV Expanding HD Offerings

I noticed today that KSBI-TV is carrying the SEC Network game of the week in HD, which likely means as part of their recent move the station has upgraded its equipment. They’ve also put out a press release saying the entire season of Oklahoma City Thunder NBA games will be in HD.

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Inside Sooner Football Letterboxed

Does anyone else find it silly that Inside Sooner Football is shown in glorious letterboxed standard definition on KWTV? Clearly, the show is shot using HD cameras for the show, but apparently the producers aren’t intelligent enough to either zoom in on the frame when encoding for broadcast or to actually show it in high […]

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OETA stations added to DirecTV

Newshawk writes: Yesterday (8/19/09), DirecTV added OETA stations KETA in OKC and KOED in Tulsa to those cities’ HD line up.

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Cox OKC Scrambles QAM Channels

John W. writes: I spoke to a cox rep earlier, and they have shuffled their lineup here in OKC (moving WGN to ch 19 and such). Apparently, when they did this, they also quit sending the clear QAM channels. I used to watch the HD locals through the cable on channels like 69.25 for FOX, […]

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KFOR News Goes HD

KFOR local news goes HD tonight! There still will be a mix of SD and HD video probably for a good while but at least the studio camera shots are HD. This is a big hurdle, hats off the engineers! Upgrade done is 24 hours, Wow! Nice intro logo!

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Watch KFOR-DT Tonight

I got an email to watch KFOR-DT tonight at 10 PM. I have no idea what they are going to announce.

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Analog Cut Off Today

Today is the day!. I believe KOCO analog is going to go off the air at 9AM today. I am not sure about the other stations, so let us know what is going on out there.

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Analog Cut Off Tomorrow

The final DTV cutoff is tomorrow. It is about time. had an article about the DTV transition tomorrow.

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KOCO’s crawl predicts loss of signal

While watching my recording of ABC’s This Week…, I noticed that KOCO’s crawl about the DTV transition mentioned parts of several counties that may lose its signal when its analog signal is terminated at 9 a.m. on June 12, 2009: southern Garvin, northern Stephens, southwestern Grady, northeastern Comanche, southwestern Caddo, northeastern Washita and eastern Custer. […]

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KWTV-DT outage scheduled for Sunday Morning

ggore writes: …we received the following notice today from KWTV: KWTV News 9, Oklahoma City, will have a maintenance outage this Saturday night. Actual date/time of outage will be 12:30 AM Update: Mr. Gore notes in his comment that this outage, scheduled both for over the air and KWTV’s fiber optic cable feed to Cox, […]

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KOCO-DT Update

I switched all my recording of KOCO-DT from the Mac over to my Dish 211K receiver and it failed to record “This Week…” this morning so both of my receivers are getting a very poor signal. I guess there won’t be any NBA Finals for me this year… On the EyeTV tuner for the Mac, […]

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