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Blizzard of 2011 – HD Weather Closings

One of the problems with being first to market is that your gear gets old before the stations that waited to buy their equipment. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find KFOR’s weather graphics offensive because they take up half the screen with big ugly blue graphics. I recorded The Cape last night and am […]

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Seniors Maybe Left Out of the Digital Transition

 The Oklahoman had an article today about the how the elderly maybe left out of the digital transition. There are lots of senior citizens that could be left out because many of them do not know the transition is taking place.

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Guess KFOR Didn’t Get the Memo

Who knows if KFOR would have flipped the switch if the weather hadn’t been bad, but it’s distressing that it couldn’t at least have given us a taste of NBC News’ new HD broadcast instead of that stupid weather map… 🙁 Update: They figured it out. The stories have “wings” now and the anchor is […]

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More is Less on OETA

OETA has begun sending out canned responses to people who have contacted them about their new lack of HD programming. I just want to address a couple of points contained in the canned message… True, this plan means we will be broadcasting fewer HD pictures, but there will be far more programming. We will be […]

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