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Announcements regarding HDTV and Digital Production in Oklahoma.

Blizzard of 2011 – HD Weather Closings

One of the problems with being first to market is that your gear gets old before the stations that waited to buy their equipment. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find KFOR’s weather graphics offensive because they take up half the screen with big ugly blue graphics. I recorded The Cape last night and am […]

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KFOR Transmits HD from Chopper

KFOR-DT transmitted HD from their helicopter for the first time today. KFOR-DT is definitely stepping up the HD news coverage in the state. It is only a matter of time when we will see a tornado in HD from a helicopters perspective. Hopefully it will not be in a populated area. I live in Moore, […]

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KSBI-TV Expanding HD Offerings

I noticed today that KSBI-TV is carrying the SEC Network game of the week in HD, which likely means as part of their recent move the station has upgraded its equipment. They’ve also put out a press release saying the entire season of Oklahoma City Thunder NBA games will be in HD.

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Inside Sooner Football Letterboxed

Does anyone else find it silly that Inside Sooner Football is shown in glorious letterboxed standard definition on KWTV? Clearly, the show is shot using HD cameras for the show, but apparently the producers aren’t intelligent enough to either zoom in on the frame when encoding for broadcast or to actually show it in high […]

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Feb 17th DTV Transion is Here

The time has finally come for the 1st part of the DTV transition to now become reality. If you have a digital tv or a converter you will need to do a rescan for digital tv channels today. In the Oklahoma City area KWTV-DT is moving its DTV channel from 39 to 9 at 1:00 […]

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Super Bowl to Feature 3D ads

NBC will broadcast the first ever 3D commercial during the Super Bowl. The ads will be for the Monsters and Aliens movie and Sobe Lifewater. The ads will run at the end of the second quarter.

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BCS Championship in 3D in Stillwater?

The BCS Championship game will be shown in 3D in about 80 Digital Movie Theaters around the country. The closest theater to Oklahoma City and Tulsa according to the Cinedigm website that will carry the game in 3D is in Stillwater. I know Dennis will be there. 🙂 I emailed the Warren Theater in Moore […]

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KSBI-DT to Broadcast First Thunder Game in HD OTA

KSBI-DT will broadcast the first Thunder game in HD 1080i October 29th. There will be a production truck parked by the Ford Center that will send the SD and HD feed to KSBI then the HD feed will be broadcast OTA on channel 52.1.

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Did the Democrats book all the HD cameras?

I was beginning to worry that none of the Republican Convention would be in HD. Dish doesn’t have a dedicated RNC HD channel, like they had for the Democrats, and the only HD coverage I had seen were in the studios and on the floor from CNN. At least some of the speeches tonight are […]

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Does KFOR-DT have new gear for the Olympics?

I noticed during the NBC Nightly News and earlier on some other show that KFOR’s DTV crawl was superimposed over an HD broadcast. Previously, KFOR had to drop out of an HD broadcast to run the FCC-mandated crawl over network programming. Do you think they have new equipment? I guess we’ll know when a thunderstorm […]

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Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Going HD

OU is getting a new scoreboard that will have a 16 mm HD capable video system for the 2008 football season. They are also updating Soonervision cameras to HD as well. This presents some interesting questions if they are going to frame the shots for 16:9? How does this effect the Sooner Football replay shows […]

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2008 HD College Football on ABC and ESPN Networks is reporting that all ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNUHD live college football games will be in HD. Read

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16×9 Next Year?

Bruce writes: When broadcast changes to HD will local programing be in wide screen or will it remain in 4:3 format? I have a wide screen TV and it would be nice to have everything in wide screen…

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KOMI-DT Going Off Air For Super Bowl

ggore writes, KOMI-TV  24 in Woodward has announced that they will be turning their transmitter off all day on Sunday Feb 3 so that cable subscribers in Woodward, Weatherford, Clinton, Elk City, Alva, Taloga, Watonga, and others, and those with antennas, all in northwest Oklahoma, may watch the Super Bowl in HD. From Kevin Sherrard […]

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State of the Union Address Tonight in HD

Tonight is a rare opportunity to really compare the picture quality between the local stations coming all from the same feed. The feed for the State of the Union Address is being produced by CBS in 1080i then the feed is pooled to the other networks. All conversions from 1080i to 720p are all done […]

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