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Announcements regarding HDTV and Digital Production in Oklahoma.

DirecTV Adds 4 HD Channels

DirecTV added these channels today in HD. You must have an MPEG4 recevier to view them. Food Network (Channel 231-1) MGM (Channel 255) National Geographic (Channel 276) CNBC (Channel 355)

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Is OKCity getting a second candelabra tower?

Charles Simon wrote: Construction of what looks like a second candelabra tower at the south end of Oklahoma City’s antenna farm can be seen from both I35 and I44 as you approach the Cowboy Hall of Fame area. Does anyone have information on this new construction within the antenna farm?

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KWTV Weather Overlay in HD?

Bobarino writes: Is it just me or did anyone else that KWTV now has the equipment necessary to display weather maps and text scrawls in HD? I noticed last night that they kept their 16×9 HD picture but had a weather map in the upper right corner and a full screen width text crawl.

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ODLA April Meeting

For the educators among you, the Oklahoma Distance Learning Association is hosting a Hi-Def Day promoting the use of High Definition technology in educational settings… Please join your colleagues in ODLA on April 30, 2007 from 8AM – 5PM for Hi-Def Day at the Portland Campus of Francis Tuttle Technology Center 3500 NW 150th St. […]

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Problems With KOCB-DT, KSBI-DT and KOPX-DT in Taloga

Glenn Gore writes: Is there something wrong with the DT signals of 34(33), 52(51), and 62(50)? We haven’t been able to receive any of them at the cable system here in Taloga for months now. We put up new antennas last week, which helped reception of 4,5,9,13, 14, and 43, but still do not pick […]

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Cotton Bowl Gets HDTV Scoreboard

The State Fair of Texas has chosen Daktronics to build a new HD LED powered video display for the Cotton Bowl. This part of the $50 renovation plan for the stadium. When completed, the new ProStar(R) video board will match the 720p HD standard, with 720 lines of resolution, each line populated with 1,280 full-color […]

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HD Time Lapse Movies

We continue experimenting with our Sony HDR-HC3 high definition camcorder. One of the things you see all the time these days are time lapse movies of clouds zooming across the sky. Although it was 104 degrees, the clouds today were perfect for capturing this kind of footage. Of course, I still haven’t found time to […]

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Station Numbers after the conversion…

So now we have a “firm” shutoff date for the analog stations, something like 2027. Are Stations going to keep their analog numbers, switch to the digital number, or will the digital freq change back to the analog? For example: KFOR in OKC, is “4”, K4, we’ll keep you 4-Warned; K27 and we’ll keep you […]

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Spring Solar Outage

Just a heads up. Sundays Bush Race on FOX will be affected by the Spring Solar outage. We will be using an upconverted SD feed during the event. HereÂ’s the message and timing we received from FOX Network. “All HD splicers will lose the HD feed during the outage on the “A” receiver. Each station […]

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Cox Inks deal with TV Guide. Expect a new digital guide.

Bye Bye Pioneer Guide.

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Gemstar\’s TV Guide Data

Does anybody know which channel Gemstar uses to transmit it’s TV Guide info?

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KWTV going HD?

I’ve heard from a reliable source that KWTV has HD gear on order for their studio. Any truth to that? Also, I notice KFOR is redesigning their studio right now. Any chance they are making changes for an HD broadcast as well? We can at least wish I guess.

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Technical question.

What do the local stations who have to manually switch to HD not have in their control room to allow automatic switching? For example, some channels seem to automatically switch to local commercials during HD shows, while some only rebroadcast the network commercial (commercials are different than what is on the analog side of same […]

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HD WX Questions

1. What do the engineers call the box or boxes that would allow the insertion of weather graphics into an HD broadcast? 2. Roughly how expensive is this equipment? 3. Which Oklahoma Stations have this equipment now? 4. Of those stations that do not have this capability, are there any with immediate plans to buy […]

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Permanent Digital Channels

Does anyone know what permanent digital channels our local broadcasters have requested? FCC Advances DTV Channel Election Process — The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) today moved closer to completing one of the DTV transition’s key remaining tasks: determining permanent digital channels for the nation’s TV broadcasters. Federal Communication Commission News Release: MS Word File | […]

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