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Announcements regarding HDTV and Digital Production in Oklahoma.

HD Feature films

Why do the networks still show some movies in SD? Isn’t is relatively easy to convert 35mm film to an HD image? Is there something here I don’t understand?

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The Good New Days

I was recently in Omaha, home of thr College World Series and superinvestor Warren Buffett. Directly behind Rosenblatt Stadium, where the series has been played since 1950, sits the zoo and the IMAX. I had the good fortune to see Wild Safari 3-D there, the most spectacular movie I have ever seen. That movie puts […]

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Mandate, Shmandate!

Somewhere I heard or read that the FCC has mandated that all DTV stations must go to full licensed ERP (effective radiated power) in 2005. First, is that true? Second, when must they comply? Third, which BB should I be reading so as to know stuff like this?

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Locally Produced HDTV

Does anyone know if there are any stations in Oklahoma that can broadcast locally produced HDTV programing? Or is everyone just able to pass HDTV through.

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VHF/UHF Question for the Engineers…

Most DTV broadcasters are using UHF channels right now but a few ( KOCO locally ) have elected to stay with VHF channels and apparently some broadcasters nationwide have plans to possibly switch back from UHF to their old VHF channels once the analog broadcasts cease.

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iMovie HD

Apple Computer today announced iLife 05, which includes iMovie HD, the first consumer application for editing HDV video. Along with the Mac mini, this means you can get a Mac and all the software needed to edit HD video for under $500. Amazing…

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What is it with program guides?

According to this thread, which I presume is from 2004 (there are no years on any of the dates), OETA is supposed to be broadcasting digitally at least 12 hours per day, KWTV-DT is supposed to be on from 6:00 AM until 11:38 PM (post-Letterman), and other stuff. Now, clearly some of this is not […]

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Wired article about Berlin DTV adoption at accelerated rate

Interesting read… Apparently Berlin adopted DTV without holding onto the old analog signals and has been loving it. Their required set top box is only $100. We need to do this here in the US of A.

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ERP for Fox 24 and WB 33

When you update the DTV Station Matrix, be sure to list the Effective Radiated Power (ERP) for KOKH and KOCB, instead of the transmitter power. The transmitter power for both stations is 1 kw. But the ERP will be much higher due to antenna gain. The power figures as listed are incorrect for both stations.

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Anyone in Tulsa with a Panasonic Varicam HD Camcorder??

I am looking for someone in the Tulsa Area who has a Panasonic Varicam (720p24) to possibly collaborate on a short indie film and maybe even a feature this summer. I am selling all of my DV gear to purchase a Final Cut Pro HD system. If anyone is interested, you can reply here or […]

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OT: Need help getting 1080i stills

Hi Sorry to be off topic. I work for a large photofinishing lab in Oklahoma and have been doing some RnD on using HD as an image acquisition method for digital photo printing. I had a producer from the Jay Lenno show email me a HD still, and I picked up a copy of Apple’s […]

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KTEN-DT Now Broadcasting

NBC affiliate KTEN is now broadcasting a digital signal. KTEN-DT is on the air 24/7, 2.9 KW ERP, in 480i. Tower is about 14 miles NE of Tishomingo, OK. Now time table has been given to when they will increase the power and start broadcasting HDTV.

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DTV Coverage Area

I would like to see a map of the projected coverage area of each OKC DTV signal. As a cable operator in northwest Oklahoma I am concerned that my system will be unable to receive any of these signals since the information I have gathered so far indicates that most will be operating at a […]

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FCC App Status Page Updated

I updated the FCC application page. They are applications concerning DTV submitted by Oklahoma stations. Click on the FCC App Status link in Main Menu group.

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Digital Resources holding One Year Anniversary

Craig Woods of ITVA / Media Communications Association – International writes: Digital Resources in Tulsa will be holding their One Year Anniversary Open on Thursday, Oct 25th. They’ll have HDTV training seminars held by Panasonic and Chyron in the morning.

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