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Hardware for Satellite HDTV Reception

DISH launches new HD satellite

Reuters reports: DISH Network Corp's plans to roll out more high definition video channels received a boost in the early hours of Wednesday after the successful launch of its EchoStar XI broadcast satellite. DISH gets HD boost with successful satellite launch.

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Dish to Launch 17 HD Channels in August

DISH Network (NASDAQ: DISH) today announced plans to launch 17 national HD channels, surpassing its goal of reaching 100 national HD channels five months ahead of schedule.

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Sherman-Ada to get Dish HD Locals Soon

Dish Network has announced that the Sherman-Ada area is going to get HD locals soon sometime this summer or fall. Read

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Dish replacing legacy MPEG-2 receivers with newer MPEG-4 models

The end is near. Today, I received a phone call from Dish Network saying that my Dish 811 receiver would have to be replaced or I would stop receiving HD programming. Online research shows that I probably have until sometime in August before I have to make the switch.

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New Dish Network channels

Bobarino writes: I am a longtime subscriber to Dish network and I recently switched to their HD only package.So I was elated to see that Dish is launching many new channels this week.This is todays press release. DISH Network Charges Forward With Another Round of National HD Channel Launches New channels are: ABC Family HD […]

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DirecTV adds 3 more channels

According to, DirecTV has launched three new national HD channels: Disney HD, Toon Disney HD, and ESPN News HD.

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Dish Network to Offer HD Only Package

Dish Network will offer a new programming package that will only include HD channels. This is according The new package will be available on February 1 will include more than 70 HD channels and will cost $29.99 a month. It will not include every HD channel that Dish Network has to offer so read carefully. Read

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DirecTV Introduces TV tuner for your PC

I don’t know if this new product from DirecTV will do HD but the HDPC-20 is a dual satellite tuner box that connects to you computer via USB so you can record and watch programming with Vista Media Center. Yes Dennis I did say Vista. 🙂 I am kinda of surprised it did not also […]

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NFL Network Game on NBC and CBS

The NFL Network is going to simulcast its game tonight on NBC and CBS. This is the first the NFL has done this since Super Bowl 1. This would be a great time to see the PQ difference between the 3 networks. Now NBC and CBS are getting their feed from the NFL Network so […]

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DirecTV adds 23 more HD Channels

DirecTV added 23 more HD channels this week. 1.  Nickelodeon (Channel 299 ) 2. Spike HD (Channel 325) 3. Country Music Television (Channel 327 ) 4. MTV HD (Channel 331) 5. VH1 HD (Channel 335) 5 High Definition Pay Per View Channels 13 game time only high definition Regional Sports Channels 1. Comcast Sports Net […]

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DirecTV and Echostar Add New Channels

DirecTV and Echostar have added NBA HD channel and the NHL HD channel. Both channels are simulcasts of their SD channels.

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HDNET to Broadcast Launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery

HDNET TO BROADCAST LAUNCH OF SPACE SHUTTLE DISCOVERY Historic mission set for launch Tuesday, October 23 at 11:38 a.m. ET DALLAS (October 22) The space shuttle Discovery mission STS-120 is scheduled for lift-off this Tuesday, October 23 at 11:38 a.m. ET and HDNet will be there to witness history as the launch marks the first […]

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Dish Tulsa Local HD Channels Question

Daniel writes: When will DISH NETWORK have local HD channels available in Tulsa??? (channels 2, 8, 6, 23, 41, etc) I see several posts about DirectTV and Oklahoma City but no mention of Tulsa.

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DirecTV Adds 10 More HD Channels

Mike Kelley writes: DirecTV added 10 more HD channels today including Fox Business News and Fox Sports Southwest. Wow. I guess those commercials are right… DirecTV added these HD channels today. Cartoon Network (Channel 296) Fox Business (Channel 359) (Also now available in SD) Fuel TV (Channel 612) FX (Channel 248) HGTV (Channel 229-1) Speed […]

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DirecTV Adds 4 HD Channels

DirecTV added these channels today in HD. You must have an MPEG4 recevier to view them. Food Network (Channel 231-1) MGM (Channel 255) National Geographic (Channel 276) CNBC (Channel 355)

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