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Restaurants, sports bars and other public places where you’ve actually watched HD programming.

BCS Championship in 3D in Stillwater?

The BCS Championship game will be shown in 3D in about 80 Digital Movie Theaters around the country. The closest theater to Oklahoma City and Tulsa according to the Cinedigm website that will carry the game in 3D is in Stillwater. I know Dennis will be there. 🙂 I emailed the Warren Theater in Moore […]

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NPR: Wilmington Becomes Model For Digital TV Switch

I wonder if Oklahoma is considered to be a DTV market at risk… “So what we’re going to try to do is take some of the lessons we learned here and actually go out onto the road into the markets that we identified that are most at risk, and we’re going to try to have […]

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OU Releases HD Scoreboard Renderings

OU has released renderings as to what the new HD scoreboard will look like. READ

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Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Going HD

OU is getting a new scoreboard that will have a 16 mm HD capable video system for the 2008 football season. They are also updating Soonervision cameras to HD as well. This presents some interesting questions if they are going to frame the shots for 16:9? How does this effect the Sooner Football replay shows […]

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Warren Theaters to Expand Presence in OKC

It was announced a few days ago that Warren Theaters is going to expand its presence in the OKC metro area. First the Warren Theater in Moore is going to get 6 more screen and 500 new parking spaces. The big plans it to build another theater at Rockwell and Memorial Road with 4 stadium […]

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Magnavox Blu-Ray Player at Wal-Mart

I was at Wal-Mart in Moore the other night and I saw this $300 Magnavox profile 1.1 Blu-Ray player. I like the idea of cheaper Blu-Ray players coming out to help drive down prices and push the format to consumers but why not just get a PS3 for $100 more.

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FCC Application Page Update

The FCC Application page has been updated with all filings to the FCC by Oklahoma DTV stations. Read

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KOCO Files DTV Application to Raise Antenna and Power

KOCO-DT filed an application this week to operate their DTV channel from maximum directional effective radiated power of 34 kW with an antenna height at 430 meters to a non-directional effective radiated power of 48kW

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More Shows Going HD Fall 2008

It was annouced this week at NAB that more shows are going HD this fall. Sesame Street Cops ESPN’s LA Studio Survivor The Oprah Winfrey Show

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DTV Crawl on KOCO

I was walking by a TV at work this morning and I noticed that KOCO had a crawl during Ellen that we had 315 days to go until the analog cut off. Anyone else see this?

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DTV Infomercial on KWTV

Any see the DTV Infomercial on KWTV Sunday morning around 11:30? I got to watch a little bit of bit but no enough to form an opinion. It looks like we are going to see a blitz of information for people to but converters if they need them.

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Warren Opens New Digital Theater in Moore

I am sure all of you have seen the new theater in Moore. I went this weekend and saw Horton Hears a Who with my daughter. It was a pretty good movie but the treat was the picture quality. Every theater has a Christie 3-chip 2K DLP projector so the picture quality was outstanding. The […]

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KOMI-DT Going Off Air For Super Bowl

ggore writes, KOMI-TV  24 in Woodward has announced that they will be turning their transmitter off all day on Sunday Feb 3 so that cable subscribers in Woodward, Weatherford, Clinton, Elk City, Alva, Taloga, Watonga, and others, and those with antennas, all in northwest Oklahoma, may watch the Super Bowl in HD. From Kevin Sherrard […]

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State of the Union Address Tonight in HD

Tonight is a rare opportunity to really compare the picture quality between the local stations coming all from the same feed. The feed for the State of the Union Address is being produced by CBS in 1080i then the feed is pooled to the other networks. All conversions from 1080i to 720p are all done […]

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Digital TV Switch Over Article in the Oklahoman

The Oklahoman had an article on the DTV switch over that I completely forgot about. Dennis and I helped provide some information in the article. One thing I did see missing from the article is that the FCC DTV Box Coupon cannot be used on a box with HD outputs. Read

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