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FCC Applications Updated

I have updated the FCC Applications page. More updates to come…

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Twitter Lists

Suggest HD-related twitter accounts to add to the new lists for @hdtvok.

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Server Upgrades

Today, I updated both the main site and the forum site to the latest versions of WordPress and BBPress respectively. This should fix the problem where you would be logged out of the main site when you logged into the BBPress site and vice versa. One of the upcoming releases of WordPress should improve the […]

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FCC Application Page Update

The FCC Application page has been updated with all filings to the FCC by Oklahoma DTV stations. Read

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‘Green Country Perspectives’ looking for DTV guest

Beth Turner writes: I am producer of “Green Country Perspectives.” I’d like to have a guest join us to explain new HDTV regulations and such. Can you help me? Thank you. Beth t. with RSU Public Television. Email: Phone: 918-343-7653

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End of an era…

Today I moved the site to another server marking the end of an era where I maintain my own servers. Please let us know if you notice any serious problems… This week also marked the end of another era. My Dish 6000 receiver’s 8PSK module died and Dish replaced it with a Dish 811, meaning […]

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News-posting Format Question

I’m just wondering if there are any plans to go to a more-traditional message board format here. The way it’s set up now is nice, because it allows for current topics to always be at the top of the front page, but that also means that there are a lot of reoccuring topics about things […]

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Do you guys miss the calendar? Dennis and I are debating whether to bring it back or not. I just got flat too busy to keep it up the way it was configured plus the amount of HD material as grown quite a bit. It made updating the calendar very time consuming to update. There […]

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CEA Supports Hard Analog Cut Off

CEA’s SHAPIRO ENCOURAGES A HARD ANALOG CUT-OFF IN LETTER TO CONGRESSMAN BARTON Lays Out DTV Sales Forecasts Arlington, Virginia 5/11/2005 The following letter was sent from Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), to Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) regarding the state of the digital television (DTV) transition: “Dear Chairman Barton, Thank […]

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New Stuff Added to Site

I added a couple of things to the site over the weekend. 1. In the “HDTV Programming Links” block I added a link to the BravoHD+’s schedule. 2. I created in the Main Menu block an Oklahoma DBS/Cable HD Channel Lineup for Voom, DirecTV, Dish Network, Cox OKC, Cox Tulsa, and Cable One Bartlesville.

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2004-2005 HD Fall Primetime Programming Schedule

All the networks have posted their fall schedules on their web sites. Only the WB has posted what shows will be in HDTV, the others are only my guess based on current and past history. I will keep this updated as information is released from the networks. 2004-2005 HD Fall Primetime Programming Schedule

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DTV Station Matrix Updated 6/3/2004

I updated the DTV Station Matrix page to include Ada/Ardmore, Cheyenne, and Eufaula.

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Problem with the Votes.

Every month when you come out with something new to vote on and I try to vote it says I already have. I havent even seen it yet how can I have already voted? Is someone else voteing for me? This has happened the last three months.

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Tulsa Added to DTV Matrix Page

I added what I have done for Tulsa on the DTV Matrix Page. However it is not complete. I need your help to help me get the rest of it filled out. I will get the Construction Permit data in tonight but as you can see there are other areas that need to be filled. […]

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I don’t understand the apparent large power differences for the stations listed in your matrix. For example, KOKH to be 1000KW while KOCO is listed at just 34KW.

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