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DTV Station Matrix Updated 2/27/2004

I updated the DTV Matrix page. It now includes broadcast power data. I am think I got everything correct, I am still double checking some things so it could change next week. I wanted to go ahead and get it online for the weekend. I also added Wichita Falls/Lawton station thanks to HDTVOK member Stormie […]

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DTV Station Matrix Page Added to Site

I created a new page tonight that contains details about Oklahoma DTV stations in the Main Menu block of the site. The page is call DTV Station Matrix. This will replace the Local HDTV FAQ page. I have OKC up but I haven’t added the broadcast power yet. I will try to complete that tonight […]

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HDTVOK Reaches 500 Registered Users has now 500 registered users. Thanks to all the HDTV viewers in our state and all the stations in Oklahoma broadcasting HDTV from their network moving this transition forward. Tip: To display more stories in the middle, registered users can click on the “Edit The Homepage” link under the “ Login” block on the […]

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How about a Forum?

First of all, let me say that I love this place. I am glad to have found it and I have been following everything for the past few days. And now for a suggestion. How about adding a regular forum format? Like phpbb(free), invision(free), or some other kind of board software?

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Lets All Have A Meeting Place

I think it would be nice if we can all plan a HDTV party and drink a few cold ones somewhere and maybe learn a few things instead of typing all the time. So we can see who is on the other side of the site. What do you all think….. Marvin Rocha Update from […]

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ESPN HD, Discovery HD Schedules, and

If you look in the HDTV Links box we have added a link to the ESPN HD schedule.

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January Calendar

Not much going on with HD right now, but I did want to let you know I have completed the January Local HD Calendar if you want to take a preview of next month. January Calendar Merry Christmas! Kevin

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Stations On The Air Now Up to Date

I’ve finally gotten around to updating the masthead to reflect the many new stations that are testing or have started broadcasting DTV signals over the last month or so. Of the seven channels people have reported as broadcasting from Oklahoma City, I can only receive KFOR-DT 27, KSBI-DT 51 and KOPX-DT 50 in Stillwater. If […]

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New Allotment Table Added to Site

I added a new DTV allotment to cover other stations in our state and a few stations that can be received if a DTV viewer live near the Oklahoma state line. I also added the Wichita Falls-Lawton market. Dennis and I are trying to come with a color-coding scheme in the allotment table so people […]

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XBOX Live in Oklahoma

I know this is a little off topic but I was wondering if there were any other Oklahoma XBox Live users out there. My gamer tag is Sooner if you see me online.

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New Poll For December

We started a new survey for December: KOKH-DT and KOCB-DT are now broadcasting at a low power from the same tower can you get a strong enough signal to get a picture?

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HiDefSooner’s Editorial for DigitalTV-Tel. Broadcast Magazine

Not only did DigitalTV Magazine write an article about the web site but they asked me to write a guest editorial about HDTV in the Heartland. I was no English major in college but I hope you enjoy it. I really tried to write this editorial from our DTV consumer DTV consumer point of view.

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DigitalTV-Television Broadcast Magazine has written an article about for their November issue.

Categorized as: Site News | Comments closed Reaches 100 Registered Users

We reached a milestone today, 100 people have registered a user name on our site since we started it a little over a year ago. This helps Dennis and I see how many people care about HDTV in Oklahoma.

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ABC HD Now Added to Calendar

I added in the ABC HD schedule into the calendar last night. However, KOCO-DT is broadcasting at a low power. Hopefully they get their permanent installation done soon. I canÂ’t even get KOCO-DT myself. If I missed any HD ABC program in the calendar just reply to this post.

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