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Possible VHF DTV Reception Solution in OKC/Tulsa

by Kevin Sherrard Admin


Many of you know of my quest for reliable KOCO-DT reception in southwest Oklahoma City. I have tried quite a few antennas with placements on my roof and in my attic but now I think I found a solution that works for me. This solution may help some of you in Tulsa with KTUL-DT reception issues as well. This solution may not work for you so I cannot offer any guarantees.

VHF DTV reception can be trickier than UHF DTV channels. KOCO-DT is on the VHF channel 7. KTUL-DT is on VHF channel 10. The VHF band is already crowded with analog channels so KTUL-DT and KOCO-DT have to manipulate their coverage patterns to protect other station’s analog channels. KOCO-DT is limiting their signal the to southwest to protect KWSO’s analog channel 7 in Lawton. KTUL-DT is also limiting their signal to protect other television station’ analog signal. Since I live in southwest OKC, KOCO-DT is limiting how much signal I receive.

My DTV signal strength meter on my DirecTV HD10-250 would fluctuate wildly on channel 7. It would bounce around everywhere from 60 to 30 to 2 losing the lock on the signal. This made watching ABC HD content impossible.

I had a friend of mine run some numbers for me and he determined that KWSO was providing enough interference to make my KOCO-DT reception unreliable. One possible solution was to amplify my current antenna. This would not work because I already receive great signal strength from some of the high-powered UHF channels from the tower farm in NW OKC. If I added an amp to my current antenna it would not only amp KOCO but also it would also amp all my other channels too. If you amplify a DTV channel too much your receiver will not be able to tune into it.

I am going to go over step by step how my system works.

1. This is the Squareshooter antenna I have on my roof. I receive all my UHF DTV channels from this antenna, KFOR 27, KWTV 39, KETA 32, KOCB 33, KOKH 24, KSBI 51, KOPX and KTBO 15. This antenna does have a 0-40 miles range for VHF channel 7-13, so if you can get KOCO-DT great if not keep reading.


2. Connect your R6 to your Squareshooter antenna then connect the other end to your Channel Master Join-Tenna box. The Channel Master Join-Tenna is a single-channel coupler containing a combination band pass filter (channel trap). Connect your line from the Squareshooter antenna to the “All Channels Input” on your Join-Tenna.


3. This a picture of my VHF antenna I have in my attic. It is a cut channel antenna for channel 7, if you are trying to get KTUL-DT then you will need a cut channel antenna for channel 10. Cut channel antennas are hard to find, so you could use a VHF Yagi antenna designed for channels 7-13. You could even use a UHF/VHF antenna if you have one lying around.


4. After you have mounted your VHF antenna connect your VHF amplifier to your antenna. I bought the Winegard AP-3700 and I have had great luck with it. There is a AP-3800 if you need a bigger boost.


5. Once you have the booster connected to the antenna, connect the booster to the “Signal Channel Input” on the Jointenna.


6. Connect the “To TV” to your whatever digital tuner you are using or if it is built in to the TV.

This is a great page for more information.

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