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On January 29, 2011, Joe Seaton asked:

Where can i find a television guide for the local over-the-air channels?

Personally, I use TitanTV to program my EyeTV box that I use for recording. The EyeTV software no longer officially supports TitanTV and recommends a subscription to TV Guide, which I’m too cheap to purchase, but since the EyeTV software still unofficially supports TitanTV record documents I can still manually use it.

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Moore Warren Theater to get I-MAX 3D

I am a big fan of the Moore Warren Theater. It is the only movie theater I go to anymore. So I was excited to learn that the Moore Warren Theater is going to build 4000 square foot IMAX 3D theater in the north end of the theater. Bill Warren in a news conference today said it will be the largest in Oklahoma. The new theater will open December 2011 with new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol movie.

Warren Theater Press Release

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KFOR-DT Off Air Tonight for Maintenance

KFOR-DT on Dish, DirecTV and over the air will be off air starting at 10:30 PM tonight for maintenance on their transmitter. They hope to be back up by 5:00 AM tomorrow morning. If you are on Cox or AT&T Uverse you will be still be able to KFOR-DT.

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KWTV to repurpose News Now 53

On April 1, Griffin Communications will take over operation of NewsNow 53 from Cox Communications, and will re-brand it as News 9 Now, placing it on digital broadcast channel 9.2 as part of their off-air signal. This will allow all cable operators to take advantage of the NewsNow concept, and allow all off-air viewers to see it as well. This will also give KWTV an additional outlet for weather coverage, taking pressure off their main 9.1 signal in times of severe weather coverage, according to information from Griffin Television.

Update April 1, 2011: Channel 9.2 has be renamed to News 9 Now. Can anyone tell a difference in the picture quality of 9.1?

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Blizzard of 2011 – HD Weather Closings

One of the problems with being first to market is that your gear gets old before the stations that waited to buy their equipment. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find KFOR’s weather graphics offensive because they take up half the screen with big ugly blue graphics. I recorded The Cape last night and am going to have to try and track down that episode on the internet because it’s not watchable with that much blue on the screen.

KOCO is better with it’s blue crawl at the bottom of the screen, but I like the more subtle approach that KWTV took with white letters on black that don’t overpower what you’re trying to watch.

What about stations in other parts of the state? Does Tulsa have it together?

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KOKI HD Newscast

I have seen posts on AVSForum and Twitter that KOKI-DT’s newscast will go HD tonight. No word yet on syndicated programming.

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ESPN 3D Going All Day

ESPN 3D is going to be a 24/7 network starting February 14 with repeats of 3D in between live events. The national championship game will be in 3D as well as a special edition of College Football Live from the CES show floor Jan 7th.

Press Release

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In September 2011, this site will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Who would have thought that less than 10 years later, Wheel of Fortune would be in HD on KOCO-DT, along with a number of other syndicated shows, including Seinfeld on KWTV-DT.

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Fiesta Bowl in 3D

This Fiesta Bowl is coming up Jan 1 on ESPN 3D and ESPN HD. The Sooners will be taking on the Huskies, kick off is set at 7:30 PM Central. It is will the first time an Oklahoma college team will be on ESPN 3D. I know DirecTV is carries ESPN 3D but is there any other providers in Oklahoma that carry ESPN 3D?

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Someone contacted me the other day asking why registrations were disabled. There was no special reason except that before I disabled registration we had about 20 or so ‘bot spammers registering each day to try to inject stuff into the database. I had intended to turn registrations back on several months ago, but I got busy and forgot.

Registrations are now turned back on and I’ve added a simple method to discourage ‘bots from registering. Now, you’ll have to solve a simple math equation when you register and also confirm your registration via a link. It won’t stop the ‘bots, but I can enable stronger mechanisms if that becomes necessary. Think of it as the beginning of a nuclear war. Read More »

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Suddenlink Local HD Channels Down?

Redrings writes in the forums:

Came back home from Thanksgiving at the parents and found out that my HD local channels from Suddenlink have stopped working. Survivor didn’t record last wednesday night, so I know it’s been down since then – anyone else having trouble?

Anyone else having problems with Suddenlink HD channels?

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FOX 25 launches Country Music Channel on 25.2

We’ve just added a County Music channel that will air on 25.2 For now this will be OTA only.

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KWTV-DT Audio to Go 5.1 Tonight

I saw a post on AVSFORUM where KWTV-DT audio will go 5.1 during prime time tonight.

Update from Dennis: It seems to be working fine on my end…

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KWTV-DT News Goes HD

I saw on Twitter this morning that KWTV-DT broadcast its first newscast in HD last night. I usually watch the Sports Blitz before going to bed but I missed it. I will check it out when I get home from work today. I wonder if Dolby Digital 5.1 and HD syndicated programming are around the corner. Read about it on…

Update from Dennis: I also received a note via the HDTVOK Twitter account that KOTV channel 6 in Tulsa, another Griffin property, started broadcasting its morning news in HD today.

Here are images from the inaugural broadcast last night. Click on the thumbnails to view full size. What’s particularly cool is that KWTV is the only local station broadcasting local commercials in HD. In addition, KWTV is now broadcasting Seinfeld in HD and probably other syndicated HD programming.

The only thing missing from its package is Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, which all the other stations have.

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KWTV-DT 9.3 is Off the Air

Someone notified me on Twitter today that KWTV-DT 9.3 is off the air.

For those of you who don’t know, 9.3 was used by KWTV during its most recent transition back from its VHF channel to its UHF channel to show a message asking viewers to rescan their channels to pick up the new UHF broadcasts.

Apparently, they now think this process is done or perhaps the FCC wants our broadcast spectrum back. Does anyone have more information?

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