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How Many Tulsa Stations are Broadcasting News in HD?

Yesterday, I noted that KOCO had started broadcasting its news in HD. Other than KJRH Channel 2 and OETA, what Tulsa Stations are broadcasting in HD?

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KOCO Channel 5 News Now in Widescreen SD

As a few people have pointed out, KOCO is now broadcasting its news in HD. I’m not exactly sure when this started, but it’s happened in the last week or so.

This means more than half of the major network affiliates now have local news in HD with only KWTV and KOKH trailing the pack.

Update: It’s been confirmed that they are broadcasting in widescreen standard definition and not HD. It’s an improvement, but it makes you wonder when all the stations will get on board in high definition. Also, note the cables running outside the 4×3 safe area…

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OKC Thunder Game on ESPN 3D

ESPN 3D released its NBA schedule today. The Oklahoma City at Orlando game Fri, Feb 25

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KOCB adds The CoolTV

We have added a channel to KOCB’s lineup on 34.2 called the CoolTV. For more information see

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KFOR overhauling translators

KFOR crews are in the process of upgrading all of the translator towers in northwest Oklahoma. First up was the Seiling tower this week, where they removed the old high band and low band VHF antenna arrays and installed new digital transmitters and antennas on the tower. When this week’s redo is complete, the tranlators at Seiling, Mooreland, Gage, and Alva will retransmit digital signals of Oklahoma City TV stations 4, 9, 25, 34, and 43.

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Cox Adds NFL Red Zone Channel

Cox is adding the NFL RedZone channel this Sunday! To tune Cox ch. 268(SD) & 708(HD) in OKC & 268(SD) & 713(HD) in Tulsa.

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Cox making changes to OnDemand

jedicurt writes in the forums:

I was watching tv last night and saw a commercial from cox talking about changes that are being made to the OnDemand service and all of this is coming in September… [Details (2.3 MB pdf file)]

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KWTV to shut down VHF channel 9 permanently

KWTV has received FCC approval to shut down channel 9 over-the-air transmissions and use UHF channel 39 as their exclusive transmitter. The shutdown will occur Monday, August 30 at 12:30 PM following the noon newscast.

Short service interruptions will begin July 29 to induce viewers to re-scan their tuners for the UHF signal. The PSIP 9.1 designation till be added to the UHF channel 39 beginning August 16. RF 39 will then be identified as both 9.1 and 9.2 and RF 9 will become 9.3.

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KOCO-DT Broadcasting From New Antenna

KOCO-DT is broadcasting from their new antenna that is attached at the top of their tower. It looks like there is still some fine still tuning going on so if do have KOCO-DT in your channel guide it would be a good idea to do a rescan.

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KOCO-TV Analog Antenna Coming Down

David Evans is quoted that the new digital antenna could be installed as early as next week. I would guess it would still be a while after that before they would actually use the new antenna. I am sure more infrastructure work will need to be done because they can start transmitting on the new antenna.


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Cox Add Fox Soccer HD

Cox added Fox Soccer HD on channel 702 in OKC and channel 704 in Tulsa.

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KFOR HD Coverage of the OKC Memorial Marathon

I really enjoyed watching KFOR’s HD coverage for the OKC Memorial Marathon this morning before church. There was a mix of SD and HD cameras, but the HD shots looked really good.

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DirecTV to Add More HDTV Channels in May

DirecTV announced today they will be launching more HDTV channels beginning in May.

Here is a list of channels:

  • CSN Bay Area HD
  • Showtime Beyond HD
  • CSN California HD
  • Showtime Next HD
  • Encore HD East
  • Showtime Women HD
  • Starz Cinema HD
  • FSN Florida HD
  • Starz In Black HD
  • GolTV HD
  • Telefutura HD West
  • Hallmark Channel HD
  • TMC Xtra HD East
  • Hallmark Movie Channel HD
  • Travel Channel HD
  • HBO2 East HD
  • Univision HD East
  • HBO Zone HD
  • WGN HD
  • Lifetime HD
  • Additional DIRECTV Cinema Channels
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Cox Adds Fox Sports Plus HD in OKC and Tulsa

Cox added Fox Sports Plus HD today on channel 710 in OKC and Tulsa.

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KFOR Control Room on U-Stream

Check out a behind the scenes live video feed from the KFOR-DT control room on Ustream.

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