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Suddenlink HD Channel Lineup

Last Update 4/4/2009
This is the channel lineup for Stillwater. Most Suddenlink franchises offer a similar channel lineup. To find the channels available in your city…

For current channel listings, go to, enter a zip code for [your address], and that will give you access to a page with the current line up, including HD channels and categories/tiers.

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Current Suddenlink Stillwater HDTV Channel Lineup

HD Broadcast: Available to all subscribers:

  • 705 KOKH-HD-Fox Oklahoma City, OK
  • 710 KWTV-HD-CBS Oklahoma City, OK
  • 720 KOCO-HD-ABC Oklahoma City, OK
  • 730 KFOR-HD-NBC Oklahoma City, OK

HD Basic: Available with subscription (digital TV/DVR receiver required)

  • 740 TNT HD
  • 751 ESPN HD
  • 752 ESPN 2 HD
  • 756 The Learning Channel HD
  • 757 Discovery Channel HD
  • 758 Animal Planet HD

HD Plus Tier: Available with HD Plus subscription

  • 767 HD Theater
  • 768 National Geographic HD
  • 771 HDNet
  • 772 HDNet Movies
  • 775 Home & Garden Television HD
  • 776 Food Network HD
  • 778 Arts & Entertainment HD
  • 779 History HD
  • 780 Palladia(formerly M HD)

HD Premium: Available with subscription to specific movie package:

  • 785 HBO HD East
  • 790 Showtime HD East

One Trackback

  • […] Suddenlink channel listing has been updated to include instructions for how to find the channel linkup in your city. The channel lineup now includes the new channels added in Stillwater last month. […]

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