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    Read the press release courtesy of Engadget.

    Looks like multi-room DVR with bigger drives and better programming. SDV looks like it’s coming too.


    This really does sound exciting, does anyone know when OKC will get the new Cisco boxes and what the cost might be to get the new package? We have been waiting for this higher tech stuff for a long time to match our HD gear!


    Yeah… I know I’ve been waiting years for a multi-room DVR. I’ve been so tempted to switch to U-verse for that option, but their limit on two HD streams always pulls me back from the brink. I know at least one Cox employee reads/posts, so maybe we’ll get a hint on timing.

    Come on, Cox. There’s still a small part of my discretionary spending that you haven’t laid claim to yet. HURRY! 🙂


    Thanks for the informative link, jv. Here is another one you guys might be interested in:


    I am sure CoxEmp is a better source of information on this but I was told during a visit to the Cox store on NW 23rd Street OKC today that Cox will be following their usual rollout of new hardware: test the new Cisco boxes thoroughly across the local system to get any bugs out before releasing them to the eager early adopters. That could mean September at the earliest. Gentlemen: Start your countdown calendars!


    I called Cox OKC this morning for additional information and got a few more teasers. Mid-August is the projected start up time for distribution and Tulsa will get them first. If you already have a HD DVR, you simply swap it out for the multi-room DVR from Cisco. No specific technical details available yet. Perhaps details are being discussed in different parts of the country where Cox has or is about to roll out the new multi-room DVRs.


    I was in Moore today and stopped by their Moore office and what a joke. They acted as if they didn’t know what new equipment I was talking about, when I mentioned Cisco boxes they just said we heard they were coming and that was all they knew. That was the second experience I’ve had with that store and will not go back. The folks in Norman have a much nicer attitude and even if they don’t know the answer to something they will at least ask one of the other employees and act like the care. The Moore office really sucks when it comes to how they interact with the customer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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