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    I contacted KOCO (OKC ABC) about why they are not offering “Ellen” and “Oprah” in HD since both programs started broadcasting in high def this September. I received a response from programming that says: “KOCO is working to acquire the equipment to present these shows in HD, sometime in 2009.”

    Just thought others might be interested in the same info …

    -Susan W.


    Forgive my ignorance (and not that I’ve ever watched either of these programs), but if KOCO can broadcast “Lost” or an ABC football game in HD, why couldn’t they broadcast any program sent to them in HD?


    KOCO broadcast the ABC HD feed stright through. But, syndicated shows are not received the same way since they are on different stations in different markets and on at different times in different markets. When KOCO can create HD shows (the news) they should be able to broadcast syndicated shows in HD also.


    The ABC shows are shown at a specific time and just passed through as is from the network. Oprah and Ellen are syndicated shows that may or may not be shown live at the same time they’re broadcast. Oprah, for example, is show during the day and at night following Nightline. So, KOCO would need to record the HD show and then have a way to replay it one or more times later in the day.

    I noticed this afternoon that This Old House was shown in HD on OETA. This was the first time I’d noticed it, but it might have started early this season when This Old House was first shown in HD. In any event, apparently OETA has the gear to do what KOCO is waiting until January to purchase. You’d think a commercial station would have the funds to make the investment to do this when the public TV station doesn’t.



    Interesting, Dennis, about “This Old House,” as I’d actually also emailed OETA about this and they said they showed it in HD only during the first showing (weekly premiere) of “The This Old House Hour” on Thursday nights and “lacked the ability” to air subsequent re-showings, or the Saturday broadcasts of the stand alone show, in HD. This was just a few weeks ago.

    -Susan W.

    Sooner Al

    I see that a lot with OETA, ie. the first airing of a show is in HD in prime time but the repeat later overnight is not. That really bugs me since I like to do a lot of recording of shows like Nova for example late at night after we have gone to bed since I can only record/watch two shows at a given time with my Cox supplied SA 8300HD DVR.


    I didn’t have a chance to watch Mexico: One Plate at a Time but I’d like to know if they’re showing recent episodes of that in HD now. We got one season of that in HD when OETA used to just broadcast the PBS HD channel, but since they’ve switched there are a lot of shows that are letterboxed and not in HD. Oklahoma Gardening is show using HD cameras, but when I asked some of their staff at a convention here, they said OETA had told them it was shown in HD, which it obviously is not. Victory Garden is also shown in HD on Saturday mornings.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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