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    Have you guys noticed the new Digital Max ads about “Generation Cox”? “Generation Cox is coming. Are you ready?” Etc. The ad includes a line about subscribers will be able to watch just about everything in HD. (Believe that when I see it! Right.)

    They also sent out an email about the four new HD channels: 713 OETA HD, 721 ESPN2 HD, 740 Cox HD, and 741 Cox HD2 (NFL Network in HD) “Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend.”

    Cox OKC is also doing 801,802,803 as test channels for something coming up.

    Anyone heard any details on just what “Generation Cox” is supposed to be and when it will show up?

    Sooner Al

    I saw that commercial also. It was certainly intriguing but I guess we just need to wait and see…


    Thanks for sharing the link to So “Generation Cox” is a set of three Digital Max ads all about the wonderful things coming sometime during “the next couple of years.” As the competition the phone companies are currently tooting their horns about heats up, the Cox time table will hopefully be changed to less than a couple of years.

    “The next couple of years.” “The next couple of years.” Right.


    That’s the only thing I found while searching google after seeing it on a commerical in Omaha Nebraska on Cox.



    I called to ask what “Generation Cox” was and as usual I got the looonnnnggg pause followed by I’m not too sure what that is and I haven’t seen that ad. I am trying to figure out how they are going to put “everything” in HD when they still can’t get/keep the basics like KOCO (Hearst/Argyle), FOX and the CW(Sinclair)!!! As was stated earlier…I’ll believe it when I see it. I did see that the chokehold COX has in the OKC market has been broken by the FCC this week. I saw that AT&T will be moving in with a cable company instead of just DishNet. Great news as far as I am concerned. More competition is a good thing 🙂


    After putting a few pieces of the puzzel together, it appears that they are going to be offering wireless service. They are going to open a new call center at 119th and N Western for the wireless service, they are going to try to get many of the employees from the old AOL call center(souce: KTOK). The wireless service will apparently go over the Sprint network (source: Sprint press release). Beyond that I am not sure, but the quadruple play sounds like a good deal.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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