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    Conan’s 18-34 demographic is growing daily, there’s no bigger story in entertainment…

    …so be sure to not show the beginning of his monologue, the part everyone wants to see, so that you can show crappy SD video of a fire that’s not doing anything, followed by a minute of useless studio banter (and more Mike Morgan!) and three minutes of local commercials that you didn’t show at the right time, so you decide to show them over the one thing everyone wants to see.

    It’s not like I was going to watch Jay Leno ever again after this crap, but after Conan actually came to KFOR to do promos and you to pull this chickenshit stuff?

    This is why we can’t have nice things. You just screw them up.

    For the record, KFOR joined The Tonight Show in progress five minutes late, just exactly as Conan finished talking about the late-night imbroglio. We missed the biggest entertainment story of the year so you could show a fire not doing anything plus studio banter plus commercials that you should have skipped because you didn’t run them at the right time. You made bad choices and we don’t get to see the hottest thing on television. Good job!

    We knew NBC was completely screwed, but are all NBC affiliates this bad as well?


    (Keeping the map over Conan’s head for Ed Helms’ entire appearance, when there were no watches or warnings in effect, was a bit of a dick move too.)


    I mostly watch Letterman because of the musical guests. Other than the first week, Conan has had few that I wanted to watch, which is sad because on his previous show he gave Letterman a run for his money. I record and save the performances on Jimmy Fallon’s show now because the Roots are the greatest band in late night television.

    I actually used to watch Nightline until they dumbed it down so much that it was news anymore…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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