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    Our HD receiver is a Zenith HDC420 which we have had for almost 5 years and have had no problems receiving OTA Digtial & HD with it. The local station that give us the most trouble is channel 5. I’ve read where they have a weaker signal. Since we subscribe to the basic Cox & Cox high speed internet can I plug the cox cable into my receiver instead of using the antenna and receive all of the Cox digtial stations and HD? Would I be able to receive any more stations in HD? I feel like Cox is trying to force people to change over to digtial and pay more when in a little over a year they will have to give everyone digtial anyway because analog will be gone!


    If you have Cox basic service you can get the local HD channels without having a digital receiver. Local HD channels are not encrypted.

    But your point about giving away digital in a little over a year is not correct. Cable customers will not be effected at all with the FCC changes in 2009. The only people that will be effected are households that receive local channels over the air and don’t have a digital tuner.


    As you can tell I am not savy about connections. What I am asking is: Right now I get all of the HD stations OTA. If I connect the cox cable to my digital receiver that receives digital & HD will I receive cox digital & HD? I have been told that since I have high speed internet and a booster that I already have cox digital. I know that I am receiving the local channels now on Cox basic but they are not in HD or digital. Also, won’t all the signals be in digital in 2009? If so why pay more now for digital?


    You have to make certain that your HD receiver can tune unencrypted QAM over cable. If I’m not mistaken, not all do (I have a PC Card that won’t). Check the specs to be certain.

    You don’t necessarily have Cox Digital. You should call 600-8282 and check with a television rep to be certain. If you do, then you can tune all unencrypted QAM channels (mostly the locals) on a QAM capable tuner.

    The first 60 channels or so on Cox are still analog. If you tune only those using a built-in tuner on an older TV, you will go dark in February, 2009. If you have a converter box, you will be all digital and you need do nothing to be converted. They’ll just substitute the analog feed for a digital feed on the same channel number. You most likely won’t notice a difference except picture quality will go up quite a bit.

    Does that help, Pandy?


    Actually, JV your statement "The first 60 channels or so on Cox are still analog. If you tune only those using a built-in tuner on an older TV, you will go dark in February, 2009" is incorrect. Any Cox customer regardless of whether they have digital cable or not will not be effected by the digital transmission date in February 2009.


    Not what I was told by your network provider and designers. You know, the guys that sold you the 1 gHz plant you have now? Those 60 channels take up almost half of your pre-1gHz bandwidth. Is Cox no longer interested in reclaiming all that bandwidth for use in other areas? I know IPTV is in the future but it’s not here yet. I would think Cox would be excited to get all that bandwidth back. They’ve already taken all the pay channels off (last being HBO just this last week) analog to help force the issue.


    I was ready to upgrade the DirecTV receiver, however I noticed the newer black HD DVR model does not have local antenna input. The silver HD DVR does have the input.

    DirecTV is not carrying the PBS HD or multicast channels on the satellite. The only way to record them on a DirecTV DVR HD DVR is to have the local antenna input.

    The TiVo HD DVR still supports the local PBS channels. Does the silver MPEG-4 model have the guide showing the local multicast PBS channels?


    That is correct the new h21 and hr21 receivers that are just coming out from Directv have no OTA atsc input they are strictly for satellite tuning only. If you want OTA you need one of the current H20 or HR20 models.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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