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    I’m going to be going to OSU next year. If there is anyone from the Stillwater here, what options do I have for HDTV there? I’m going to be living in a dorm so I won’t be able to use an outdoor antenna for obvious reasons. Does the cable company in Stillwater include HDTV channels with cable? Would I be able to pick up OKC or Tulsa stations with my indoor antenna (a Silver Sensor right now)? I’m actually thinking about taking my USB HDTV receiver (what I currently use to get HD) and laptop up there to test reception…..

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!


    Actually, this site is hosted in Stillwater… 🙂

    I have a friend who lives in an OSU apartment and he gets HD with a DVR, even though he’s watching it on a regular station, from the cable company.

    One of the students in my class said he lives in one of those shared living areas and he claims each of those has a 52-inch plasma TV in the shared living area. Here’s the site he’s doing for my class…

    It’s doubtful that you’d be able to pick up much without an outdoor antenna, but you’ll have many options.

    Suddenlink, the local cable company, currently has ESPN, HDNet, HDNet Movies, and Discovery HD Theater, along with HBO and Showtime in HD, if you subscribe to those. They also have KOKH, KFOR, KOCO, and KWTV local stations in HD. In addition, they are supposed to add TNT HD, National Geographic HD, HGTV HD, Food Network HD, and A&E HD in early March.


    Does everyone get HDNet and HDNet Movies? We have CableCard but only get the local channels, ESPN HD, and Discovery HD. Are the other two premium channels on the HD package?


    I’m not sure. Most of my friends with cable have DVRs. One friend has a QAM tuner and they only get the local channels, not ESPN or Discovery.

    For anyone who gets HDNet Movies from Suddenlink in Stillwater, does Suddenlink offer Dolby Digital 5.1?

    I was over at friend’s house tonight and we were only getting PCM audio while watching “West Side Story” and I’m almost positive HDNet Movies only ever has DD 5.1.



    FWIW….I’m living in the residence halls now. On my HDTV I am able to get Fox on 101.1, CBS on 101.2, ABC on 102.1, and NBC on 102.2. There’s also several dozen Music Choice music channels on channel 100.* (starts at 100.1). My TV automatically tuned to the networks but I was only able to access the music channels by manually entering the channel number.

    Just posting this for future reference…


    Not sure what your tuner is, but it’s also possible to get an HD DVR from Suddenlink. I have a friend who lives in some of the older apartments near the soccer field who has one, even though he doesn’t have an HDTV.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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