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    Sooner Al
    Sooner Al

    I just found out the iTV is available on Cox here in the OKC market. Pressing the "Menu" button on the Cox remote brings up the iTV main menu where you can check email, see current weather and forecasts, read news and sports stories, order OnDemand, etc, etc…

    The menu is a bit slow navigating through it but its still pretty neat. I have not had a chance to setup my Cox email access yet so I can’t speak to how well that works…

    Sooner Al

    This reply by a Cox rep (intercede007) over on the BBR Cox HSI forums has information about the speed issue in the iTV menu…

    To quote:

    "Because of the legacy set tops (2000, 2100, 2200), there has been a push to lower the memory footprint of the apps that are loaded into memory. As such, iTV is able to add more features at the expense of caching. Where it used to be that the box would hold onto recently used data, now it purges everything except the app itself and goes to the data carrier for the rest. It speeds up as you use it in any particular sessions. It’ll cache the data you are using and anything associated with it.

    To clarify: if you exit a session, all data is lost. If you are using any particular function, it does cache that data and data associated with it (news and weather, for instance)."

    Sooner Al

    From the FYI department…

    The Cox iTV email reader will only display email received that is in "text" format. So if you receive email in HTML you will not be able to display it on the TV onscreen iTV display…:-(


    Strange, I live in Guthrie with an 8300HD box and cannot get the iTV menu to display at all. The Menu Button only brings up the program guide, and I wasn’t able to find any button that would display it.

    I didn’t think there were differences between OKC and service up here in Guthrie, but I guess there is.


    Cox is rolling out iTV on a hub by hub basis. Everyone in the OKC metro area should have it by mid-January.


    Its late January now and no itv in sight for me. Its annyoing to read these things from cox and to see them come into effect half a year later than was told if ever. If only the icestorm killed more trees in my backyard I could get direct tv.


    Some Ice Storm lingering work took precedence over finishing iTV roll-out in January … as you can well understand. However, most everyone should have iTV available next week.

    Also, you may have noticed in OKC – Starz HD On Demand is now available.

    3 more HD channels are launching February 12th – HGTV, Food, and Travel.


    It’s great to hear about those 3 new additions! I know I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Travel Channel in HD.

    Also, the iTV functionality went live here in Guthrie yesterday. Now I just wish there was a way to remove the "Guide/Main Menu" prompt that is at the bottom of every info bar now. It just takes up too much screen space when flipping through channels… they must be really worried that we might forget. 😉


    I’m about tired of seeing the "Guide/Main Menu" message at the bottom of my TV!! Every time I press the A key… NOTHING happens. It will eventually tell me that advanced services are not available in my area. This happens with everyone in my neighborhood! So much for this service being available to everyone in OKC by mid-January!


    Matthew – iTV was launched to everyone in the OKC metro area. Not sure why you are not able to receive. Sounds like your digital receiver did not take the upgrade. I recommend you call and tech support should be able to check status level of your receiver.


    I live in the no mans land between Yukon and OKC (Surry hills). I don’t have the service.


    Thanks for the update ralfthedog… I too live between Yukon and OKC (Westbury). Unfortunately, NO ONE in my neighborhood has this service. However, my family who live 2 miles away do. I’d have to say it’s not really worth the worry though! It doesn’t have weather data for west OKC, news is very limited, and seemed to be fairly slow.

    Anyway, thanks for the update. Maybe eventually they’ll know who has and doesn’t have services!


    MatthewMGR – Can you send an e-mail to and give us some account information? Should be no reason why you are not seeing iTV.

    On the e-mail make sure and state you are replying about a post on I will make sure that e-mail gets routed to me.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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