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    I’ve noticed for two days in a row that KFOR has been doing severe weather coverage during commercial breaks, just like the other OKC stations, instead of KFOR’s preferred mode of dropping the programming while leaving the commercials intact.

    Unlike the other stations, at least as far as I know, KFOR is trying to “make up” for it by running 2-3 minutes of extra local commercials at 10:35, instead of the beginning of The Tonight Show.

    It should go without saying, of course, that “4Warn 24/7”, the 24-hour digital weather channel KFOR still touts, did not stop running its loop of weather that Mike Morgan apparently taped before 4:30 PM while 4-1 was warning about severe thunderstorms. So the station’s “weather channel” remains as useless as ever, and now they’re running commercials instead of NBC programming in protest of actually having to leave the primetime NBC programming on the air?

    The HD news is a big deal, and it looks great. Two steps forward, one step back.


    There’s something going on with KWTV as well. I like to record the last 20 minutes or so of either Letterman or Conan and the last 20 minutes of Jimmy Fallon so I can get the musical performances and rip the music into iTunes. Twice this week, Letter has been running late so I’ve missed recording the musical performances because they come on after my Mac stops recording them.


    KFOR didn’t mess with the start of The Tonight Show tonight, but then again, there was no severe weather in the state.

    And then, about 8 mins into the show, there was a monologue skit mocking Oklahoma City!

    It can’t possibly be retaliation from the Conan camp.

    I hope.

    (I laughed.)


    They did it again tonight, though, but it was Mike Morgan this time instead of commercials. Morgan had just finished doing his severe weather gig at the top and middle of the 10PM newscast, but decided to do it again over the opening to The Tonight Show when there isn’t even a NWS warning in the broadcast area.

    Note to KFOR: When you cut off the opening to The Tonight Show for Mike Morgan, or for commercials because you pre-empted commercials earlier for Mike Morgan, I change the channel and I don’t come back. If I turn it to Conan but I see Mike Morgan instead, I don’t keep checking back to see if you’re going to let me see Conan. I watch something else instead—and I don’t come back for Jimmy Fallon, or Carson Daly, or even “NewsChannel 4 at 5AM” if I’m still awake as I often am.

    You have an entire channel for Mike Morgan to use as he sees fit. Keep him out of the NBC lineup unless it’s an emergency.


    +1, I don’t see why they can’t ALWAYS use the 2nd channel for weather reports. Put a scroll on the main indicating to switch if you want to see what’s happening.


    Not all the cable systems carry these second channels. Each station is terrified of losing a view and so they’re afraid that people will channel to a channel that isn’t one of theirs. What they don’t take into consideration is that often when they go to bad weather, if it’s not in my county, I’m gone and not coming back.


    How about putting the regular programming on the 2nd channel when the main is being used for weather? Do we really need 2 weather feeds from the same station?


    The bigger problem with putting the main programming on the second channel is that they can only do HD on the main channel. So, if they did that, it would be in poor quality.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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