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    I was checking out for school closing information when I came across this:
    KOCO is claiming that *both* DirecTV and Dish Network are having [simultaneous] equipment problems–preventing them from processing KOCO-DT’s signal. This has been going on since Monday night, according to their statement.

    I call shenanigans.


    I have my Dish DVR set to record Nightline and ABC World News Tonight. and it failed last night and today due to a bad signal. I had a similar problem recording the OSU v. Nebraska basketball game Saturday. I wonder if the stations aren’t just working on their signals in preparation for the DTV switchover.

    In any event, KOCO-DT’s signal is below average right now…



    Well, in place of the HD feed of KOCO-DT, DirecTV is currently broadcasting a splash screen that reads:
    “No need to call us. We are aware this station is temporarily unavailable, etc.”

    The SD feed of KOCO is being broadcast just fine. I’m glad I saw the message on and switched my recording of “Scrubs” tonight from the HD to SD channel!

    Anyway, I suspect that KOCO is attempting insert their “school closings” / “winter weather warning” graphics into both the HD and SD feeds, and they’ve somehow scrambled the HD feed for both DirecTV and Dish Network. Just my theory, but the timing of the alleged “equipment problems” for *both* DirecTV *and* Dish Network _at the same time_, is awfully suspicious.

    *Update* has changed their story:
    They are now claiming that the ice storm interrupted their HD feed, and that they are working with both providers (DirecTV and Dish Network) to re-establish the signal.


    I wonder if they had too much ice on the antenna or something. A lot of the antennas have warmers on them to keep them from icing over.


    As of 1:34 PM today, is reporting that KOCO-DT is back on DirecTV and Dish Network.

    No new explanation for what happened. They are simply stating that the HD feed was interrupted by the ice storm.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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