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    Had a problem with one tuner and did a rescan and 6.2 is now a simulcast of wb19 instead of the weather map. Picture is not that great looks like they are picking up the analog signal with an antenna, very grainy and some ghosting. Also a very large kotv 6 logo in the left corner along with the wb logos. Does not look good for KWBT & the CW in HD anytime soon.


    I noticed that a week or so ago as well. I’m wondering if we’re going to get a 6 weather channel again anytime soon.


    Well, here’s the explanation. KWBT is now KQCW – and was purchased by Griffin (note the copyright info at the bottom of the front page on So that explains the fact that “News on 6” logos and content are all over the website, and the fact that 6.2 is simulcasting 19.

    On a side note, isn’t the CW logo the worst logo you’ve ever seen? Gag me with an ice cream scoop.


    I contacted KOTV about the 6.2 simulcasting. Here is my email to them and their response.

    I love the fact that you are now carrying WB19 programming on your digital 6.2 sub channel. Is this going to be permanent?

    If so, when can I expect be updated so I can record the shows?

    Thanks Gary

    Thanks for your message. This is not permanent. We will be operating this way till February 2009. We do not have any plans for



    Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 7:04 PM
    To: Weaver, Gerald
    Subject: *** Feedback ***(Engineering)


    Does anyone know if the 6.2 subchannel will show the CW shows in HD? I would hate not having Veronica Mars in HD anymore.


    The CW is not available in HD in the Tulsa market at the current time. My understanding is that due to bandwidth limitations, KOTV can only broadcast one HD stream. The CW will not be available in HD until KQCW starts broadcasting via its own transmission tower. Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong.


    Thats correct and KQCW won’t be doing HD or have their own full digital channel until sometime around the 2009 analog cutoff date. They wouldn’t even be in digital on 6.2 except that griffin is trying to provide a better feed for the cable systems to the north of Tulsa.This I got from the engineers at KOTV a couple of months ago when they started the simulcast on 6.2.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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