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    Should we start a pool for how many times KWTV-DT drops the HD NFL signal to show poor-quality letterboxed SD just so they can run that endless crawl of things everyone knows are closed, and weather maps and warnings about snow falling outside the HD broadcast area?

    As of posting time, the answer is “1” through 40 mins of the pregame show. KWTV didn’t restore the HD feed at 3:00 PM coming out of local commercials, but at 3:03 PM they broke in for a 4-minute “Winter Storm Warning” update. They then left it in SD for 3 more minutes while the same thing the meteorologist just told us ran across the TOP of the screen as a crawl, since the bottom was covered with Things We Knew Yesterday Would Be Closed Today.

    To KWTV’s credit, though, when that top-crawl finished, they switched back to HD – even in the middle of a commercial.

    I’m just going to say this again because it doesn’t seem the local station management hears it enough – unless I’m TOTALLY invested in a program, if you take it out of HD, I’m not watching it. Seeing sports in tiny crappy letterbox SD under six weather crawls, with letterbox on all four sides on a widescreen TV, is more frustrating than not seeing sports at all. Same with regular TV shows, etc – I will watch nothing instead of crappy SD letterbox pictures surrounded by stuff you told us 24 hours ago.

    You have subchannels to use for this kind of thing. Do it and we’ll reward you with viewership. Throw HD overboard to interrupt with Hey It’s Still Cold Let’s All Panic AAAAAGHGHHGHG!!! and I’m turning off the TV.

    I’m just sayin.


    WTF…the Tulsa station has us permanently letterboxed. No HD at all. Yes, we can all see it is freezing outside…what more do we need to know that cannot wait 3 hrs?


    The Colts/Ravens game went for a while in HD on KWTV, then we needed the all-important closings of every church, school, business, daycare, and club in the central time zone. I must admit I like KWTV’s approach to running a crawl better than KFOR’s, where they feel the need to take up 1/4 of the screen for it, in addition to another 1/8 of the screen devoted to a map.

    I think it would be simpler to run a crawl to show what’s open!

    ARRGHHHH now they had to break into the game for a weather update, and run yet another crawl on the TOP!

    I know, let’s all petition the FCC to take on this!!

    (I’m writing this as it happens…) Ok, they got it back in HD again! (for now)


    As usual we never even got CBS hd saturday in Tulsa and I fully expect to have those same crappy shortcomings today. At least FOX23 didn’t let us down. Like wise KJRH could have shown the NHL in hd but instead had a map in one corner and in big giant letters the word closings on the other side along with the black bars and crawl. I was lucky to have 20 inches of my 60 in tv viewable. Again use the weather subchannels or get rid of them.


    Unbelieveable, Travis Meyer says just before the start of the game on KOTV that fcc rules won’t let them show the game in hd because they have to have all the weather info on the screen. Yet I just watched the bears win in HD on Fox with weather breakins during commercials. I know weather is important right now, but I am really tired of them always using the weather as an excuse to drop what little HD they do have to show. This is exactly why I keep my grandfathered distants on Directv and have been considering a canadian sat subscription so I can get US network HD from both coasts.


    I think the problem is that they don’t have the gear to do it.

    To me, if that is the case and 6.1 must be SD, then why not put the HD feed on 6.2??????


    Now what? 6:30 PM Sunday, score 14-13 in the Chargers-Patriots game, and KWTV-DT is gone for me. They switched to SD at a commercial to run a “Winter Weather Watch,” and as Jed Castles was starting to speak, it pixellated and went away.

    That was 15 mins ago (and now I’m told it’s 21-13). I still have all of the other local HD channels, just not KWTV-DT, not at all.

    Anyone care to bet whether, as I post this, KWTV even *knows* that it’s not broadcasting anything on 9-1? (Admittedly, that’s an assumption on my part, but I still have all the other channels…)


    Update: at 7:12 PM, about 40 mins after KWTV-DT went off the air, they came back on in SD (with school closings) just in time to see New England to up 24-21 with 1:10 left.

    This, I remind you, is the station carrying this year’s Super Bowl.


    Final update: KWTV started broadcasting in HD again just after SD missed the game-tying field goal, so we got to see NE take a knee with 0:03 left in the game in HD.

    If KWTV-TV had been off the air for 40 mins of an NFL playoff game, it would be a big story. If KWTV-TV had been unavailable to cable subscribers for that same period, it’d be a big story.

    Hi-def TV, the wave of the future? No one cares, no one will report on it at all – especially since KWTV is partnered with the only daily newspaper in Oklahoma City, and they don’t print bad news about their friends. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an explanation, much less an apology or assurances it won’t happen again.


    They can’t switch 6.2 to the hd feed because they use the 6.2 CW feed for all the rural cable companies. It is a lack of equipment. Griffin would rather spend the money for helicopters than upgrade KQCW to their own digital station or upgrade the graphics and equipment for KOTV. Most of what KOTV has was done by Belo before they sold the station to Griffin.


    I emailed KWTV about the problem last night. This was the response I received:

    “Ice buildup on our antenna caused high VSWR so the transmitter shut down to prevent burning the antenna up. We called someone in to verify before turning things back up at a lower power.”

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