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    Have you had problems this week recording anything from kfor? I have a Dish722. It started with Knight Rider on Wednesday (no big deal). Then I had problems with The Office on Thursday (big deal). it seems to be recording the shows but it won’t let me view the recording (I get a black screen that I can’t fast forward through or anything). Also I can’t pause live TV. Funny thing is OTA kfor works fine. That’s why I believe it must be a dish problem.

    Anyway, if you are having similar problems PLEASE call them and tell them they need to fill out a “technical problem report” for you so maybe they will fix the problem. Here is a thread on dbstalk with some people having the same problems with kfor:



    I saw some reports of this problem on nbc stations in other markets. I record two shows off of KJRH on my Sony and one on the Dish 722 and didn’t have any problems with recording Life this week off of KJRH on the 722


    Is NBC messing with the broadcast flag? I thought that was dead.


    The thing is I can record them fine with the 722 using OTA. I’m only having problems with the dish version of kfor. I’d think if they were setting the broadcast flag then I wouldn’t be able to record off either version.

    I’ve heard of this happening a while back where someone accidentally switched on the broadcast flag, but it was somewhere else. i couldn’t really find any other reports of this happening this week except specifically for kfor on dish. A friend of mine has cox and he recorded the same events with the cox dvr without problems. Anyone here have directv and record with no problems?

    I guess I lucked out that I was recording Life on OTA. I like that show a lot. I guess I’m going to need to reshuffle everything I’m recording on kfor to OTA. The only thing I don’t like about that is it is recording mpeg2 instead of mpeg4 so it takes up a lot more hard drive space.


    I am having the same problem with recording on KFOR HD on dish; tried again on Friday night to record and it would not work; can record via my rabbit ears through the dish dvr. Please post any other info you have on resolving. I am able to still record all other hd local channels via the dvr.


    Recording NBC with Cox DVR and having no problem.

    Well, one problem. I also recorded Knight Rider – man the show is bad.


    “Well, one problem. I also recorded Knight Rider – man the show is bad.”

    LOL – amen to that!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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