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    I’m having problems watching PBS HD OTA. both sound and video would drop periodically, even worse, the signal will go from 99 to 0 in a heart beat and I got prompted to change channel up or down. If I don’t do anything, in 5-10 second it will come back.

    Is it my receiver’s problem or the problem with PBS’s signal?


    It sounds like multipath interference or too much signal. Try putting an attenuator on the antenna or move the antenna slightly to get a better signal.


    I had similar problems with my 811 when I had an amp on my cable. I removed the amp and switched out my cable with a new one without any breaks in it (except at the wall plate) and it fixed my problems.


    Thanks. I suspect it’s the multipath problem. Will give attenuator a try. I have one built to fix red-push long time ago. Hope that will help.

    I have the antenna in the attic. a single rg6 run to the receiver. I used to split it with TV when I used the 811. Had to remove the splitter because the single lost for ABC. It is a interesting idea to re-aim the antenna. It’s been there for over two years. at this point I’ll try anything!

    Thanks again!


    My 622 does it every 5 to 10 sec. Crappy cheap tuner inside the 622. My Toshiba 42″ does not have the problem or my LG HDTV 3100 box does not have any problems. My parents have 57″ rear HDTV Tv works in pauls valley with a indoor zenith silver sensor antenna all channels with out any break up but you connect the antenna to the dish vip 222 channel 13 goes all to hell breaks up bad.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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