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    It’s been the usual mix of usefulness and severe overreaction, hasn’t it? I flipped by KFOR and noticed that somehow they’d managed to “enhance” their snow-closing graphic so that it still covered the top 10%-20% of the picture despite being reduced in size. With these guys it’s always “One step forward, one step backwards and eat a jar of paste.”

    KFOR pre-empted its entire daytime schedule (programs they have to pay to air) for live remotes of people standing outside in freezing rain, but I think they went ahead with NBC’s prime-time schedule (programs NBC pays them to run), continuing with the philosophy of looking like they’ll sacrifice to get you severe weather coverage without actually sacrificing much. (That is, if you ignore 4-2, the “4Warn Forecast” channel that they must spend thousands of dollars per month to beam over the air and which is less useful than a Weather web site. It had nothing about the current weather situation all day long. Honest to god, if they’re not going to have anything but automatic content on there, why bother? Did the thing have more than 5 viewers during the entire month?)

    KOCO ran ABC’s prime-time schedule and replaced the commercials with its weather updates, actually sacrificing money and keeping viewers entertained. Didn’t watch KWTV.

    Tonight, I’m hoping that KOKH and KOCB (the only two network affiliates who can’t superimpose graphics on HD yet) will let the new first-run HD series episodes (Smallville, Kitchen Nightmares) run in HD and update at the commercials, especially since everyone has plenty of ways to find out what might be closed tomorrow after 9PM on those two channels. Wishful thinking?


    Well, we got about 2 seconds of Smallville in HD before it reverted to SD so we could see a crawl:

    1. With the wrong station’s name/ID on it
    2. Listing the “closing” of schools that would already be closed at 7PM on Friday, and
    3. announcing that church dinners in Shawnee were postponed.

    This is 2010, right?

    If Kitchen Nightmares is the same way, I’m punting. If I’m going to have to watch it in SD, I’ll watch the rerun on BBC America at a better hour with no dumb Andrew Speno commercials.

    And networks honestly wonder why they’re losing viewers to cable. Sigh.


    (Now, at 7:13, the KOKH crawl is gone from KOCB but the picture is still in SD. Whee.)


    And at 7:22, full HD is back on KOCB, for now. Kudos to the OKC Sinclair staff for fixing it.

    Am I too demanding here, expecting too much for 2010? Is this really rocket science and I don’t know it?


    I’m still shocked that schools cancelled classes on Wednesday when it was 60 degrees outside.



    I don’t think any canceled Wednesday classes, just canceled them for Thursday on Wednesday.



    That’s what I was attempting to say. Back in the days of dinosaurs when I was in school, they probably canceled classes a total of two days during the entire time I was in high school. Today, they build in a week of snow days before the school year ever starts.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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